Men of Muscle 9 Roelly Winklaar and The Professionals DVD-R

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DescriptionYou like them big! You like them muscular and vascular!
You have arrived at just the place. This video is for
hard core bodybuilding fans.

Eight bodybuilders are featured:

Viorel Marasoiu
Denis Sergovskiy
Eduardo Correa
Roelly Winklaar
Lucky Hatzipantelis
Lee Apperson
Michael Kohndrow
Dan Hill

Fans of the sport will not want to miss Roelly from Curacao at
his muscular peak in a mindblowing photoshoot. Then take a peak
at Brazilian musclegod Eduardo Correa pumping up by the pool.

And enjoy six more musclemen, including the friendly and enigmatic
Denis from Russia and major hunkage Dan Hill from Germany.

Grab the following five minute preview of all eight bodybuilders
and have a look before you buy:

  SAMPLER Men of Muscle 9 Roelly Winklaar and The Professionals.mp4

Note that the thumbails are rendered with a framesize of 284x160
but the DVD is much more reasonable at a framesize of HD 854x480.


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