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Dave Christian vs Alexi Adamov

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DescriptionAlexi has everything to be a champion of the ring: skill, fearlessness, a handsome face and a mouth-watering body. Christened ?Sexy Alexi? by the fans, the big Russian lad will wrestle anyone, anytime, anywhere. Alexi is driven to succeed. But somehow, the sexy Russian can?t seem to close the deal?and his ego insists that his failures in the ring must be someone else?s fault. His success against the young turks in ?Who?s Next??, running a gauntlet against 3 consecutive foes, seemed to turn the tide in his favor: redemption at last! And with his hated cousin Vlad Varek now a part of the BGEast stable, he needs a big win ?I will succeed where the others have failed!? Alexi vowed. What better way to launch the new Alexi than with a win over a seemingly unbeatable foe?

Dave needs to prove nothing. The muscled stud has destroyed bigger and stronger opponents almost at will. He prefers giving up a size advantage?it?s more of a challenge: Vinny Trevino, Mike Columbo and Chris Bruce are just a few of the studs Dave chewed up and spat back out in the ring! This Christian has his own Golden Rule: do unto others before they do it to you! This philosophy has turned him into a feared opponent and a fan favorite! A shot at Sexy Alexi is exactly the kind of inspiration Dave savors!

?I?m stronger than you,? Dave says when he arrives at the ring, where Alexi is warming up. ?You want to give it a test?? Dave flexes his impressive arms for the taller man?s benefit. Alexi isn?t intimidated, though, and Dave brings a stool into the ring to press his arm wrestling challenge. The two lock hands, biceps strain?and then Dave loses interest in the contest, knocks the stool aside, and the big beat-down is on!But Alexi isn?t about to let an advantage gained by a cheap shot keep him down. That's one lesson he's learned the hard way! He scores a reversal, and now it?s HIS turn to put down Dave! Alexi is not the wide-eyed innocent he once was. A dazzling display of chops, nelsons and hip tosses, and a stunned Dave is soon trapped in a brutal submission hold that has him screaming?and Alexi is more than happy to taunt his fallen foe. He?s also learned to never let up on an advantage?and starts working over Dave for the second round, without giving him a chance to recover! Alexi has learned his lessons well, and he puts on an awesome display of ring work?but over-confidence, as it has been so many times before, is his downfall.

Now, Dave is pissed off and ready for payback! He doesn?t care about winning now?for him, its all about humiliating the popular pretty boy! Dave uses every trick in his lethal arsenal to punish Alexi?the action even spills out of the ring, and then of course how Dave loves to use those ropes! All Alexi can do is scream in anguish, as his chance to prove himself a winner slips further and further from his grasp?his hard-earned redemption falling to the wayside as rope-bound abdominal stretches, chokes, and brutal gut bashing turn the clock back to the days when Alexi was called ?the Russian door mat? by the other wrestlers?and the beating goes on and on and on?.
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