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DescriptionMEN - Men of UK - Hard Knox Part 1 - (Bruno Bernal & Paddy OBrian).mp4 908.23 MB
MEN - Men of UK - Hard Knox Part 2 - (Alexis Belfort & Paddy O'Brian).mp4 400.78 MB
MEN - Men of UK - Hard Knox Part 3 - (Paddy O'Brian & Dakota Vice).mp4 330.60 MB
MEN - Men of UK - Hard Knox Part 4 - (McKensie Cross & Paddy O'Brian).mp4 554.25 MB

Today is the day that Paddy OÂ’Brian is released from the slammer. With the help of Bruno Bernal, Paddy plots his revenge after being the fall guy for six long years. First, Paddy pummels BrunoÂ’s face with his thick, hard dick. He then rims BrunoÂ’s tight hole while Bruno chokes on his cock. Bruno lets out screams of sheer pleasure as he rides PaddyÂ’s convict cock.

Paddy O’Brian is out of prison and he is already in business with his former crooked boss. Paddy goes to meet his old friend Alexis Belfort who has been waiting anxiously for his release. Paddy takes a hold of Alexis’ cute butt while Alexis goes straight for Paddy’s big, horny dick. Paddy slams Alexis’ perfect butt, and then Alexis rides Paddy’s cock, hard.

Dakota Vice and Paddy O’Brian go back a long way but Dakota never bothered to visit Paddy in prison. Instead, he began working for the man responsible for Paddy being put away. This doesn’t stop Paddy from fucking Dakota’s horny ass and vowing to get what he deserves from his former crooked boss.

Paddy O’Brian and McKensie Cross team up to take down their scumbag boss. Their plan succeeds but they still need to seal the deal before they split any money. McKensie starts by sucking Paddy’s fat cock, and then he sticks his butt out just right for Paddy to jam his dick into. Paddy loves to slap McKensie’s tight ass as he drills his excited hole. McKensie’s big dick and balls bounce as he rides Paddy’s meaty cock.

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