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Raging Stallion TAILPIPES

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Description"If you need a mechanic, Raging Stallion knows exactly where you should go to get the service you want with all the right tools. Tailpipes is a rough and tumble inside look at what goes on behind the scenes between San Francisco's hottest mechanics, a non-stop thrill ride from bumper to bumper. Filmed in a real garage with the summer's hottest cast, oil up your shaft and take a ride with eight of the hottest men you've ever seen greasing the wheels and tuning up each and every inch. This movie will rev your engine and drive you across the finish line with flying colors!

Bo Matthews needs some help with his vehicle. As he pulls into the garage, the two on-duty mechanics give him the once over before they even check out the car. Alexy Tyler and Marcos David seem more interested in Bo's shaft than his car problems. Without hesitation the two mechanics turn the tables and demand service from Bo's eager mouth. Marcos has a broad, muscular, and hairy chest that towers over his huge cock. Bo is an eager cocksucker and quickly downs the monster as Alexy undresses to offer up his large stick. It is hard to believe but Bo takes both men in his mouth.

After intense oral action, Bo wants some dick up his ass. Alexy's tight muscular body and swinging cock steps right up and shoves it in while Marcos feeds his dick to Bo. Bo takes it like a pro and offers his ass up for Marcos to take a turn. Marcos' big uncut cock fills Bo's hole as he bangs away. After watching Bo get fucked, Alexy lays on his back and takes Bo's dick for a spin. With both holes full of dick, Alexy is a happy man. Alexy brings both men over to a nearby car, bends over and takes it up the ass for another full round. As Alexy gets pounded, Marcos watches and blows his load. Bo pulls out of Alexy's ass and shoots all over Marcos's hairy chest, which pushes Alexy over the edge to a huge explosion. Michael Brandon has directed these men to perfection!

Collin O'Neal discovery Roman Ragazzi is a gift to all gay men. From his hairy chest to his deep dark eyes, from his huge thick biceps to his hairy hungry butt-hole, Roman breaks the mold. With his pecs popping and his dick filled with cum, he makes his first professional scene one for the record books. Just being in the same room with this man would bring anyone to his knees. He exudes sexuality, you can smell it on him, and when you open your eyes and take a look, there is nothing but beautiful masculinity. As many of you may have read, Roman was "outed" in a Page Six story in the New York Post. He was forced to leave his job at the Israeli Consulate at the United Nations because he filmed the sex scene that appears here. But Roman doesn't care - all he wants is to have sex on film for your viewing pleasure!

In the second scene of this tail-chasing marathon, Roman is teamed up with Remy Delaine for a nice long sex session in the greasy garage. Remy is a confident stud whose body is close to perfection. When these two men begin to touch each other, the temperature in the room rises. As soon as their clothes drop, they whip out their tools and flood the tank with hard dicks and hot manly action. Roman can't help himself. He stuffs Remy's huge uncut horse dick into his mouth and goes for the balls. Roman loves dick and Remy is happy to provide. Once the sucking starts, Remy licks his lips and goes for a ride up and down on Roman's dick. In the back of a pick-up truck with Roman on his back, Remy gets perfect tongue access to Roman's amazing hairy hole. Remy dives in and takes his time eating Roman's butt. Roman's ass is so hot that Remy explodes all over Roman's hairy pecs. These two studs switch places and with Roman all worked up, he covers Remy in cum.

This is just the beginning. Roman still wants dick. Remy stands up and shoves in his thick fat pole. The fucking here is incredible! Roman is perfectly framed by the back of the truck as Remy pushes his prick deep inside, pulls out and pushes back in. With Roman's hole up for easy entry, Remy goes wild pumping Roman full of dick. Muscles are everywhere in this scene. Roman's muscular butt wants dick from behind so Remy bends him over and plugs him. This time we get a perfect shot of Remy's cock pumping and Roman's rock hard cock filling the screen. Eventually the fucking builds to new heights and Roman blows a second load followed by Remy pulling out and spilling seed.

Alexy is back to work fixing a motorcycle. His butt-crack gets the attention of Justin Christopher who approaches from behind. This all-oral scene is an impressive display of dick. Justin has one of the biggest, hardest dicks in porn and Alexy loves it. The dick sucking here is slow and intense. Alexy licks from the top of Justin's cock to the balls and back again. Justin's dick is massive and it probes the deepest reaches of Alexy's throat. After licking and sucking and swallowing Justin's huge piece, Alexy's cock deserves some attention. Justin's throat takes his turn getting stuffed. Justin worships Alexy's dick. Alexy's amazingly tight defined abs ripple underneath his tattoos as Justin consumes his dick. After a long suck session they unload: Alexy covers Justin's chest as Justin spills onto Alexy's pecs.

In the final scene at this free wheeling garage, Dak Ramsey is taking off a tire and heads to the back to get a new one. On his way he passes Justin and Martin Mazza who are working on the same car. But Justin and Martin quickly get distracted by each other. As they undress under the car, Justin's dick pops out of his pants and Martin swallows the huge tool. Justin's pole is massive and Martin gives it all the attention it deserves. After sucking and swallowing the big shaft, Martin wants it up his ass. Martin is a beautiful man with a heavy accent, tattoos, and a nice hairy chest, and he's a voracious bottom. Justin's huge cock is the perfect solution to Martin's need. Justin bends Martin over and fucks him, pushing all of his inches deep.

Justin fucks like a pro, pounding away, pulling all the way out slowly and then all the way back in. As the fuck energy builds, Martin blows a load all over the floor and Justin quickly follows. Dak returns not with a tire, but with a big Francois Sagat dildo. "You want a piece of Francois?" asks Dak. Martin quickly throws his legs up in the air and his ass swallows the huge latex cock. Dak loves fucking Martin with the dildo but once he's worked up, he wants to stick the real thing in there. Dak whips out his cock, suits up, and plows away at Martin's loose hole. Martin's cock is rock hard as Justin holds Martin's legs up for easy access. Dak probes deep inside of Martin, filling his hole as Martin jerks himself off. Dak has a long fat cock and Martin loves feeling every inch as it pushes deep inside of him. The fuck energy builds and Martin can't hold off any longer. He covers himself with cum. Justin and Dak climax and Martin's abs get covered in seed."
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