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Sean Cody Removed videos PT 1

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DescriptionAs of July 2014,  Sean Cody appears to have removed thirty three videos from the site.  The studio has indicated that eighteen of them were removed because Sean himself couldn't refrain from jumping into the action in the early days. 

There's no stated reason for the studio's removing the other fourteen.  I would guess that the three movies with big crowds: Spring Break and  the two of Mardi Gras, all showed way too many people who hadn't signed any sort of release form, and that the legal staff got scared. 

I don't have a clue about the two Michael Brandon movies.  All the rest though probably were just guys who had second thoughts about their porn appearances and thought they could erase that flawed decision from the internet. They probably had to jump over multiple legal hurdles to do that as well as pay some money.

It's interesting that two other movies were removed from the site temporarily and later returned: SC0363 Robson and SC0414 Calvin.  If anyone knows why, I'd love to hear about it.

Seven of these (in Pack #1) are mp4 files that obviously are not the originals.  That video type hadn't even been invented back in those days. 

Those seven original videos were encoded with an obscure audio scheme that no longer worked on any of my systems.  A few years ago I had Googled and found some work-arounds that seemed too clumsy to bother with.  I don't watch porn for its audio track.  But now, in 2014, none of my usual players would handle those files at all for either video or audio.

I discovered that AVC (Any Video Converter) could handle the audio fine so I just converted them to mp4.  If you're looking for historical accuracy, you'll have to look elsewhere for those videos.  If you just need wank material, these should work fine.

Fifteen are included in SC Removed Pack #1:

SC0079 Adam & Me (Sean blows).REMOVED.wmv 148.54 MB
SC0091 Lane 2.REMOVED.wmv 20.63 MB
SC0094 Blowing Andre (Sean).REMOVED.wmv 87.09 MB
SC0081 Zack & Me (Sean blows).REMOVED.wmv 162.99 MB
SC0003 Lance.REMOVED.mp4 50.80 MB
SC0010 Alex.REMOVED.mp4 52.12 MB
SC0004 Michael Brandon's Sex Party REMOVED.mp4 116.47 MB
SC0070 Mardi Gras 2002 Part 2.REMOVED.mp4 65.53 MB
SC0075 Spring Break 2002.REMOVED.wmv 36.20 MB
SC0088 Lane.REMOVED.wmv 26.98 MB
SC0069 Mardi Gras 2002 Part 1.REMOVED.mp4 76.66 MB
SC0034 Jacob.REMOVED.mp4 48.12 MB
SC0002 Nick (Sean fucks).REMOVED.wmv 26.78 MB
SC0001 Michael Brandon.REMOVED.wmv 32.54 MB
SC0009 Allen.REMOVED.mp4 58.27 MB

Eleven are included in SC Removed Pack #2:

SC0113 Blowing Marc (Sean).REMOVED.wmv
SC0115 Gordon.REMOVED.wmv
SC0135 Kendall (Sean blows).REMOVED.wmv
SC0140 Blowing Luke (Sean).REMOVED.wmv
SC0146 The Teacher Luke & Zack (Sean blows both).REMOVED.wmv
SC0150 Richard {Sean blows).REMOVED.wmv
SC0154 Devin (Sean blows).REMOVED.wmv
SC0160 Ethan (Sean massages and blows).REMOVED .wmv
SC0166 Issak (Sean blows).REMOVED.wmv
SC0168 Reid.REMOVED.wmv
SC0359 Brant.REMOVED.wmv

Seven are included in SC Removed Pack #3

SC0085 Suckfest [Jared, Ryan, Adam, Zack] (Sean sucks).REMOVED.wmv
SC0111 Blowing Donovan (Sean).REMOVED.wmv
SC0114 Blowing David (Sean).REMOVED.wmv
SC0154 Devin (Sean blows).REMOVED.wmv
SC0158 Joseph & Luke (Sean blows).REMOVED.wmv
SC0166 Issak (Sean blows).REMOVED.wmv
SC0178 Zack & Isaak (Sean blows).REMOVED.wmv

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