♺ DrakeRock - HOSTAGE (Both Parts 1 & 2)

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Part One (Oral) opens with the stripping and handcuffing of Trent, and the captor notices blood racing to Trent's cock and gives him head! When he is rock hard, the kidnapper forces Trent on his knees and fucks his face so deep that his gag reflex kicks in. Pushing him away, the captor strips Dareian and makes him give his buddy a blow job. With handcuffs snapped tightly around their cocks, the two hostages take turns servicing each meaty cocks.

The kidnapper then has the guys rim each other so they're prepared for deep penetrating anal cavity searches.

Then the captor positions them doggie style on top of each other and rims their asses.

Part Two (Anal) launches right into toy play, as the captor abuses both guys' assholes at the same time, working an average size dildo into Trent, and a thick ribbed toy in Dareian! Then he works the guys separately, increasing the size of the dildo with each. Dareian takes the largest dildo that has thus far ever been used on the site, stretching his hole wider than it's ever been.

Then the captor has the guys back into a double headed dildo, both of their asses taking the fuck toy at the same time. All of the toy play has Dareian primed for fucking, and gives Trent a pounding to be proud of. Dareian has been with a number of men in the past but he has always bottomed. This is the first time he has ever fucked a guy. It's fun just closing your eyes and listening to the ass pounding he gives Trent.

Trent wants a piece of Dareian's subservient fuck hole, and nails him in four different positions, eventually cumming all over Dareian's ass. Like the good lil' bottom he is, Trent eats all of his cum off Dareian's hairy ass cheeks.

Dareian flips over and shoots his load in Trent's hungry mouth and finally they snowball.
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