Collection - Malachi Marx being bottom Trilogy (including flip flop scene)

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DescriptionUp to now, Malachi Marx has been fucked in 3 times, 1 in flip flop fuck scene, 1 in threesome, and 1 is being purely fucked in ass.
I hope to see more of his bottom scene as he has returned to Randyblue.

Chris Rockway, Benjamin Bradley and Malachi Marx - Gays
Chris Rockway has been a Randy Blue favorite for many years now. It’s so much fun putting him with new guys because he always does such amazing videos. Then again, I love putting him with established guys because they always seem to take it to the next level. So I called in Malachi Marx. While still relatively new, he’s gained a lot of Randy Blue experience in the past year and he’s looking woofier than ever! Then there’s Benjamin Bradley. New to Randy Blue but plenty of experience from various modeling gigs, he brings a fresh face and a dirty boy energy to the mix. Three hot as fuck bodies, three awesome guys, and three times the fun! I knew the sex would be as hot as you could get but I didn’t want them to just fuck. I wanted to do something fun. So I put these guys in a room and gave them one word. Cookout! Then I turned on the camera and let them work it out. What they came up with is really funny, and really sexy. They didn’t waste much time getting to the sex, which is a good thing. And seeing Benjamin’s delectably smooth skin up against Malachi’s scruffy beard and fuzzy chest is enough to get me going. And Chris, who loves to fuck, goes at it like he can’t get enough. And who knew Benjamin loved to eat ass so much? All three of them brought their A game to this video and from the sheer amount of cum that gets dumped all over the hot smooth body of Benjamin Bradley, you can tell they had as much fun making it as you will watching it.

Malachi Marx and Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker was so excited to do this shoot with Malachi Marx. They’ve met on a few occasions at parties and live appearances. And since they got along so well they both have been after me to put them in a shoot together. Jeremy though a little trip to his favorite nude beach would do wonders for his tan, until he fell asleep in the warm summer sun. No worries, Jeremy still looks as hot as ever, once these two got down to business you can’t really focus on anything other than the hot fucking. And when I say hot fucking, I mean these two pulled out all the stops. They were like animals uncaged and going after something they’ve both wanted for a long time. Jeremy engulfs Malachi’s huge tool, which drives Malachi totally wild. And not to be undone he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve, and down his throat, that Jeremy wasn’t quite expecting. Take note of his little technique and try it on your next boyfriend, lover, or trick and I guarantee he’ll be coming back for more. In Jeremy’s case it just made him want to ram Malachi’s hot ass all the more, and when he did he rode him like a cowboy. And then he flipped over and let Malachi hit it. Seeing Malachi dump his load all over Jeremy’s furry chest is one of the reasons I love being in this business.

Leo Giamani and Malachi Marx
Have you ever been so hungry that you ordered a large basket of fries or a double scoop of ice cream? You know it’s going to be a bit much but you can handle it. Still, there’s that moment when it first comes and your eyes get real big and you wonder if you can eat it all. So, the day has finally come when Malachi Marx is going to bottom for the very first time. I asked him who he would like to have the honors of busting that precious cherry of his and without missing a beat he proudly said ‘Leo Giamani‘. Thinking of that basket of fries and that double scoop I said to him, ‘are you sure’? He gave me a smile that I have learned means that he knows exactly what he’s doing. In a way, I think he took it as a challenge… letting himself get nailed for the first time by the owner of one of the biggest cocks on Randy Blue. And not only did he take it but he took it good and begged for more. A natural born bottom, perhaps? And excellent performer? Or just a guy who knows what he likes. I’m going to go out on a limb and say all three. And let’s not forget Leo in all of this. That man couldn’t have a more perfect body. And the way his abs tighten and become super defined as he rams his humongous dick deep inside a moaning Malachi is pure poetry. And it’s obvious that banging a nice tight ass totally gets him off the way he rips off the condom and spurts his love juice all over Malachi… leading him to let loose his own flood of hot steamy jizz.

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