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♺ MormonBoyz - Elder Allen INSPECTION [Bareback] (720p mp4)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-06-25 |
Age: 21
Height: 6'1"
Cock: XL & Uncut

Last Sunday, bright and early, Elder Allen was thoroughly inspected by Bishop Angus!

At 7am, A very somber looking Elder Allen picked up his bags at baggage claim. By 9am, Bishop Angus and a cheerful almost bouncing Elder Allen showed up to breakfast. Things were going as Bishop Angus had predicted.

Until last week, Elder Allen was an AP (Assistant to the President). That was until he got caught jacking off with one of the zone leaders during a “workover” (also called an “exchange” in some missions).

Unbeknownst to Elder Allen, the area authority who oversaw his mission, as well as his two counselors, had all been members of the order for quite some time.

When word went out about Elder Allen’s disciplinary council, our Bishop Angus specifically requested that he be assigned here for evaluation and possible induction.

Bishop Angus is a member of the Brotherhood of the Sun, famously represented by the temple sunstones. The Brotherhood of the Sun is known for their success with inducting skeptics into the order.

On the drive back to the mission home, I asked Elder Allen if he knew anything about our organization.

“Not really. They said I wouldn’t be excommunicated if I learned the true order of things. Apparently that involves things that sound more exciting than anything I’ve gotten in trouble for. Oh, and they said I have to have a willing and obedient heart.”

I couldn’t help but laugh a little. “You know all that and you decided to come anyway? I’m guessing you’ll be just fine, Elder.”
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