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Titan Media - Carny

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DescriptionGo deep into your sexual turn-ons and maybe discover a couple of new ones as Carny brings back memories of carnivals, roller coasters, leather, tattoos, and water sports. Carny opens with Titan Exclusive Dred Scott as a genie, drenched in a sea of fog and blue light, beckoning you to enter the mystique of the world of the carnival as night descends upon the coastline. Boy-like Tag Adams and his rugged Latino boyfriend Miguel Leon are on a date and Adams feels the call of nature. Leaving his boyfriend for a moment, Adams spots maintenance man Sam Ford (Holler) and Ford is on the end of an enthusiastic blow job, dominating Adams by spitting on him and slapping his cock all over his face. Leon meanwhile, goes looking for Adams, discovers the horny duo and quickly shoos Ford away before loads are dropped. Obviously not happy with Adams servicing strangers, Leon does what any boyfriend in a porn movie does to teach him a lesson: fuck him senseless in a myriad of positions with his huge, uncut meat. Adams is willing, and after multiple loads are dropped, all is forgiven. Amusement park security guard Hank Real (daddyish, bald and menacing) is chilling out in his office. Hairy Danny Vox enters and chomps away. Real gets bored with all this vanilla action and begins to incorporate tools to enliven the sexual play: an extension cord (to wrap around Vox's box as Real goes oral) and a metal spike. They fuck and fuck and fuck until cumming ensues. Sailor boy Danny Lopez wanders into a fortune telling tent, manned by handsome Gil Cortez. Dred Scott materializes in a mirror and tells Lopez that his future is full of sex. Cortez's cock is out of his parachute pants, Scott materializes into the real world and soon Lopez is playing tonsil tag with both of them. Sweaty sexual activity explodes before your very eyes. Dred Scott appears again and wanders into a tent where carny Jake Corwin (shaved head, tattooed and pierced) is literally pitching a tent. Having to drain the lizard, Scott does so by letting loose in a bucket, which turns Corwin on something fierce. The two begin a suck and fuck session that is consistent with the high energy, sexual chutzpah, and religious fervour that you can expect from Titan. Scott shoots three times on Corwin's face. Hot! It's time for a little dockside action, where you'll find built Rocco Vidal, cute Ben Damon and mohawked punker Rick Pantera all sexually fussing with each other. Tattoos, piercings, some leather accessories - just a typical night on the beach. The three take turns sucking each other until Jake Corwin appears with the heavily-inked Kalaban while Damon eventually gets slammed by Vidal and Pantera, who leaves his pants on the whole time. Corwin and Kalaban jack off until everybody cums in a sea of man juice. Carny is a dark, edgy trip into the animalistic and intense nature of sexuality. Cast: Dred Scott, Danny Vox, Rick Pantera, Tag Adams, Jake Corwin, Ben Damon, Kalaban Ku, Miguel Leonn, Hank Real, Rocco Vidal, Sam Ford, Danny Lopez, Gil Cortez
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