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♺ Matt Sterling Collection - Huge Video - MSC005 - Bigger Than Life

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Jeff Stryker's First Movie!

Jeff Stryker teams with Tom Brock in this action-packed bestseller with thrilling breathtaking action. Stryker at his VERY BEST!

1986 USA
Matt Sterling
Huge Video / Falcon
Jeff Stryker, Tom Brock, Jeff Quinn, Jim Pulver, Mike Gray, Kevin Wiles, Joe Gibbons, Keith Ericson

A massively-selling pre-condom near-classic from director Matt Sterling and the dude with the sterling dirty dialogue-delivery and award-worthy gold-plated throatplug, Bigger than Life marks Mr. Jeff Stryker's first on-camera appearance.
Plot runs all over the place, opening with Jeff getting a filthy phone call (natch) from Keith Ericson. What it has to do with the flick later on, who can say. It's the sex that sells this bitch, and the superstar delivers. Jeff plays a rockin' guitar god (seriously) who ends up hooking up with one of his "fans" in the audience. Their alley tryst is gag-inducing and one of the flick's highlights. The rest of the plot revolves around Jeff and his bandmates. A real standout sequence occurs near the film's end, when Ericson (now swathed in some kinky leather regalia) and Jeff fuck the living breath out of Kevin Wiles. It's a sight to behold, and one of Jeff's all-time best rapings (for lack of a more PC term). Creamloads fly everywhere.
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