Saddle Up (scenes 2, 4, 5, 6)

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Descriptionscene 2 - angelo & ricky decker
AngeloÂ’s supposed to be watering the field, but he turns his hose on Ricky Decker instead. Soaking wet, they fondle each otherÂ’s hard bodies. Ricky pulls AngeloÂ’s thick cock out and starts sucking, his lips stretching to their limit. Angelo sinks to his knees and gives Ricky an intense deep-throating, which really gets Ricky wanting more. Leaning against the wooden fence for support, Ricky presents his inviting ass to Angelo. Without missing a beat, Angelo gets right to work on RickyÂ’s eager hole, and the two horny men fuck energetically, first on the fence, then with Ricky reclining on a giant tire. Thick white rivers of cum explode from both their hoses when they reach a scorching climax

scene 4 - ricky decker & derek atlas
Ricky Decker is a totally ripped muscle stud whose bulging arms are busy pitching hay in the barn—until Derek Atlas shows up. With giant, hairy pecs, massive

scene 5 - brian bonds & ricky decker
Brian Bonds is the farm hand who is always hungry for more cock, and Ricky DeckerÂ’s huge manhood is exactly what Brian craves. Inside the barn to escape

scene 6 - brian bonds & ryan rose
Brian BondsÂ’ hard cock bobs in the water of his outdoor bath. Checking to make sure heÂ’s really alone, he starts playing with himself, stroking his thick cock just above the surface of the water. ThatÂ’s when Ryan Rose suddenly walks into the yard. Brian is startled, but Ryan assertively whips out his big, long cock and guides BrianÂ’s lips all the way down the shaft. Having a dick in his mouth Brian even hornier, and he shows it by stroking his own rock hard cock. RyanÂ’s not going to settle for just a blowjob; he positions Brian for a rimming and goes to town. RyanÂ’s hands tightly grip BrianÂ’s ass, leaving pink imprints behind. All revved up and ready to fuck, Ryan penetrates BrianÂ’s hole. RyanÂ’s topping is focused and intense, and the two muscled studs sweat in the summer heat as they grind themselves together doggie style. But one position isnÂ’t enough: Ryan sits on the edge of the tub with his throbbing cock straight up in the air, and Brian sits down on RyanÂ’s cock, riding it up and down until RyanÂ’s ready to unleash a torrent of cum all over BrianÂ’s face. Shorten Synopsis
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