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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2016-08-05 |
Cast:  Alex, Darren, Jake, Ryan, Brice, James, Josh

Director:  Uncredited

Country:  US

Length: approx. 1 hr 25 min

Year: 2008

Studio :  Falcon Str8Men

"Alex, Our 23-year-old, horse-hung stud muffin hails from Nebraska. He’s a bit cocky, but that’s okay. Stripped bare, this All-American’s physical assets prove he’s got a lot to crow about. Single right now, Alex enjoyed a two-and-a-half year relationship with the girl he lost his virginity to. Marathon sex was spent fucking in every possible position, making him feel like a porn star. And he likes anal sex too! We can’t wait to find out how much he likes it. Alex made us laugh when he disrobed while ‘shaking [his] ass like a black girl’. When he first exposed his hefty slab of meat and stroked it to hardness, we knew he was definite porn star material. He says he loves to have his balls played with for hours and you can tell by the way he massages his balls. Step back because when this corn-fed mid-westerner is ready to shoot his load, he and his dick stand up to deliver the explosion. And boy, does he deliver!

Darren is our original Jersey boy – dark-haired, cute, 25 years old with a great body. He looks anxious and shy but he’s here to show off – and who are we to stop him? To help this novice exhibitionist relax, we shoot the shit and talk a bit. Interesting fact: he and his girlfriend Leelee like to fuck doggie style. Darren’s nervousness is really cute and makes you wonder why a hetero like him is so willing to get naked and shake his moneymaker in front of another guy. After we got him to relax, he quickly worked himself up to firmness. Watching his incredible body as it gyrates in a sensual rhythm and as he works his fist faster we can see how each stroke elicits a heavy sigh from him (and us). When Darren finally unloads it’s pretty certain that he definitely enjoyed himself.

Ryan is a 20-year-old mophead from Detroit. Another straight boy with a girlfriend, another virgin to porn, but with his pistons all fired up, he’s ready to show us what he’s got. He looks kinda goofy at first, yet under all that hair, he’s got a really good build, with well-defined abs that complement those nicely muscled arms. Okay, he’s kinda cute. Ryan strips down and he’s ready for action. He begins to jerk off. Eyes closed, he works himself up into an intense state. He’s on his back, then on his knees, exposing his hairy ass to the camera. He continues stroking himself, marking the time with gasps and sighs. Then, sitting back, he grimaces and smiles as he nears climax. He finally declares he’s gonna cum and boy, does he deliver.

There’s a bit of innocence about Brice, a blue-eyed wonder with the smooth swimmer’s build. Not having much to say and eager to have some fun, Brice wasted no time striping down for the camera. He initially came across as kind of shy and unsure but his nervous smiles soon relaxed as he began to yank his rod. Brice had a lot of fun giving us looks into the camera; teasing us with his wide-eyed stare. Brice knows what gets him off…and us as he continues to play with his cock and balls, fingers his ass, working himself into a stupor. We’re drawing names to see who gets to lick him clean.

If nothing else, dark and swarthy, Mediterranean-looking James is damn proud of his body. He works out four times a week and all that exercise has paid off. His last relationship lasted a year and a half, but she split and the ‘bitch took my cell phone.’ He liked to fuck her from behind and take control, riding her hard and ripping on her hair. (Gee, James, you wonder why she left your sweet ass!)

James is a major hottie. He’s lean, wiry, and muscled like crazy. He flexes and man, is he ripped! He looks great! Even flaccid, his sausage and meatballs hang big and low. Rubbing lube over his washboard abs and chest, he starts to work his tool. As he continues jerking off he teases his asshole with his fingers, then leans back and lifts his legs up high to show us his winking bunghole. Ready to climax, he stands up and announces, ‘I’m fuckin’ cumming’ as he splatters his man-cream over the black coffee table, emptying each juicy drop onto the ebony tabletop.

Josh is a pale willowy blond who has nothing to say. He disrobes and immediately goes into action. He is lithe and smooth; his dick is long and thick. He looks like a self-absorbed figure lifted from an Aubrey Beardsley drawing. Enhancing the mystery his patrician attitude suggests, he is boyish and innocent with a hint of mischief. His skin is alabaster and his huge cock is flushed reddish-purple. He shakes his engorged member, strokes it lovingly, tenderly. He is the narcissistic youth, detached from this world, his lips pursed in an almost petulant smirk. And then, finally ready to explode, he shoots and cums. This vain, jaded youth – so maddeningly aloof yet utterly desirable. Josh, by gosh!

Ryan enjoyed his last Falcon Str8Men shoot so much he’s back for more even though his friends think it’s funny and his girlfriend doesn’t approve. Brice’s first sexual experience was in the 9th grade when he fucked his girlfriend in the back of the room while their classmates were watching. James’ first blowjob had him shooting his load in 20-30 seconds. He’s long past feeling embarrassed about this inexperience but still dreams about ramming his cock up Jenna Jameson’s ass. Anyway, they’ve all come here to jerk off together and show us who is the biggest or who’s got the biggest prick! And which one of them has the goods. And one by one, they do deliver!"
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