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AWOL MARINES Volume 7  (AVI format 512x384)
14 videos from the AWOL website!  Real men from the USMC, big butch beefcake jarheads just looking to make some easy money by jacking off, or getting sucked off, and occasionally more, on cam for wild, weird, wonderful Bobby, the short, chubby, rather effeminate and thoroughly amateurish porn-video maker with a thick third-world accent (maybe Latin American or Pilipino?) who often finds a way to get his hands and mouth on lots of military meat...and sometimes hits the jarhead jackpot by getting a doggy-style USMC butt banging!  The real-life mostly low-IQ marines, the impossibly inept videographer Bobby, the cheap shabby hotel room locations, and the unscripted-unrehearsed-unpredictable sex, be it solo, duo, or group, all make for some of the most original, unique, thoroughly captivating penny-ante amateur porn found anywhere!
2010-03-11 00:52:15
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