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1. Mr. Egan and the Paper Boy - 1975
David (bw) Ab, Mr. Egan At
David is on his route and stops to get mustachioed, suited Mr. Egan to pay his bill. After writing a check Mr. Egan treats David to a blow job. David bends over the table to get his ass rimmed. Mr. Egan can strip and rim at the same time. David turns around on the table and sucks on Mr. Egan.
Suddenly Mr. Egan is fucking and spanking David silly. In a more comfortable situation Egan is standing with David taking the same as he bends over the table. Taking over the work David bounces himself silly until he cums in slow motion on Egan, who lies on the table. Still not sated Egan is back on the table thrusting doggie style at David who can barely keep from sliding away. Finally Egan is on his back with his thighs open so that David can suck his hairy balls until Egan jerks himself of to a climax.
Mr. Egan is a handsome executive whose breakfast is interrupted by a ring at the door. The paperboy is collecting receipts for the week and Egan invites him to join him. The paperboy says his name is David and they get into a friendly rap. Egan is so turned on to David that he can't resist trying to make him. David seems innocent but eager to learn and Egan loses all control when David slowly drops his pants to show a beautiful set of smooth round buttocks and a big thick rock hard cock. Egan's huge prick also swells to a massive hard on as he sends the newsboy's throbbing cock all the way down his throat. David likes the feeling and instinctively throws his smooth young body back and forth, driving his hot piece faster and deeper. Egan gets David on the table and spread his beautiful cheeks, lubricating that soft pink hole with his warm moist tongue. He senses David's joy and feels a craving to spank those beautiful buns as if to control and discipline the paperboy's youthful innocence. As he spanks David he eases his big cock slowly through the crevice into the tight hole. At first, David winces in pain but soon he pushes his body toward Egan's hot cock, forcing it in hard and deep. Egan spanks and fucks David while moving him from one position to another as if to show David that he was an expert. David squats down on Egan's big cock and as he takes the thick shaft all the way, he shoots a heavy load on Egan's stomach. Egan cums on David's mouth and lips and David takes the cum-dripping cock down his throat. So hot, so great, so unusually intense, the paperboy and Mr. Egan could hardly be contained within 300 feet of action packed film.
Filmco promo:
Young, cute paperboy goes to collect from his customer. When the man see the paperboy—he knows he just has to have him. In a second he has the paperboy's pants down and is sucking his nice, big cock. This kid has a real nice ass—so the man licks his ass while playing with the kid's big cock. Next, the man fucks the kid in his sweet, tight ass. The kid sucks on the man's cock—then licks his balls as he come — a great film.
Market Reports Newsletter:
Setting: San Francisco, views of Bay; apartment, central feature a highly polished round wood table, in a very well appointed apartment.
Performer 1: David, age late teen, Caucasian, hair dark brown medium, earlobe length, body medium frame, good build clean, leg hair
Performer 2: Mr. Egan, hair mid- to late-20's, Caucasian, hair dark blonde short, side part, wavy, body medium frame, good avg. adult clean, leg & lt. abdom. hair, mustache
Special Category: late youth, adult
Action Sequence: opens with David folding his papers, then delivering: some very nice views of San Francisco. Cuts to approach to residential building - then to Egan, inside, eating: dressed in a blue suit, shirt & tie - enter David (wearing jeans, blue tee shirt patterned like a tie-dye with "Jefferson Starship" stenciled on). He sits at the table with Egan as the latter writes him a check - they talk - David takes off his paper bag, and Egan grasps his hand, makes an apparent proposition. David stands, back to camera, as Egan lowers his pants and shorts to suck his cock; he then perches his butt on the edge of the table as Egan takes the full length of his cock, then tongues the glans penis. D. rubs his body, shirt raised. Then he turns, bends over the table as E. rims him, works his cock between his legs as he does. David gets all the way up on the table on hands and knees, as E. starts to strip off his clothes. D. starts to guide Egan's hard cock into his ass, but turns instead and sucks it - E. does some mouth fucking. Scene cuts to them screwing on the table top, David on hands and knees, E. kneeling on the table top. He slaps ass some, then pulls David off the table, back on their feet with D. lying across the table top. Change to Egan on the table, on his back, D. sitting impaled on the cock. David beats off and cums as he is being screwed. Egan balls away, kneeling on the table top again - very energetic. Change to E. jerking, D. rimming, E. gets off a big load.
Special Collection Notes: one of the best "situation" plots seen for some time; younger model isn't "chicken", but will appeal to adult as well as youth tastes.
Rating: extremely well filmed in all aspects

found in collection Marine Furlough (collection)
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4. Right Away, Sir!
Bob Benson, Wolfmeyer (bw)
Lt. Nelson intentionally has schedule Yeoman Wolfmeyer as his last appointment of the day. Special duty was in order so that Wolfie's efficiency report would be up to standard Lieutenant Nelson is so turned on to Wolfie that he can't resist an attempt to profit from the situation. Wolfie, sizing up the circumstances, decides to drop his pants to show his firm round buns and a big rock hard cock. In no time Lt. Nelson's huge prick swells to a massive hard on and he begins to stroke it as he watches yeoman Wolfmeyer in all his glory working near the bookcases.
Unable to control himself, Lt. Nelson orders Wolfie to climb up on his desk on all fours. Pulling Wolfie's cock back between his legs, Lt. Nelson sends the yeoman's throbbing meat all the way down his throat. Wolfie likes the feeling and instinctively moves his body back and forth driving his hot member faster and deeper. With his cheeks spread and the tight pink hole exposed, Lt. Nelson begins lubricating it with his moist and heated tongue, then slowly eases his huge prick into the tight crevice. Wolfie trembles in pain but soon is rocking back towards the lieutenant's pounding invasion sending rushes of ecstasy racing throughout his entire body. Moving Wolfie into another position to gain easier accessibility, Nelson drives hard and deep at a frenzied pace as the raging passion in his groin rushes up and out mixing with Wolfie's own explosion in a hotbed of inflamed pleasures.
Lt. Nelson uses his special form of corporal punishment on Private Wolfmeyer. Word gets out - and other young recruits wish an appointment with this lieutenant.

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