♺ bwn: gut check

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-06-14 |
Brick arrives at BWN Video ready to take his place alongside the muscled wrestlers on the roster...

And to add insult to anticipated injury, Brick decides to wear the same tights to symbolize his "replacement" of Onyxx as the new, younger, more muscled bad boy at BWN!

In this series, the loser must stand against the wall and take punches from his victor after every lost fall before the next fall begins.

As the bout ensues, Onyxx appears a bit rusty and overmatched.  Brick is clearly the stronger of the two and gets two falls in a row over Onyxx, showing his dominance right up front!

But Onyxx is the veteran and it soon becomes apparent that his strategy is to allow Brick to burn himself out...and when Brick runs out of juice, Onyxx is there to take advantage.

...Onyxx finishes off the rookie and then takes the tights that Brick wore to disrespect him...right off of Brick's broken body!

P.S.: Again, these are dvd files, but i may reup this in a bundle, if i convert them to mp4...or not...lol...
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