Daz Solo [Video + Photoset]

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Daz looks very Russian and is from an Eastern Bloc country. His English is very good, but he still has a thick Romanian accent, ghough he says he is from Eukraine in the interview. He is quick to answer the questions that I always ask, so it is hard to catch it initially. You can tell there is bit of delay while he translates, but still, he is very good with the lingo!

He has been in the U.S. about 4 years, and came here to do some acting. Sounds like he grew up on American TV. While here in Texas, he wanted to see JR's Ranch, but was sad to inform him that Dallas was over 200 miles away. Even after all these years, the TV show Dallas still echoes around the planet.

Daz is a boob guy, and likes skinny girls. His cock is uncut, and though he has plenty of foreskin, he seems to pull it back and stroke directly on his head. The head of his cock is very shiny and it looks like a tasty polished drawer knob!

Since we had a little language barrier I let him do his thing. He makes angry Russian faces while stroking his cock!

His cum shot is gooey and thick. It spills down the front of his shaft and I realized how it is that he keeps his knob so shiny!

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