Channel 1 Releasing | Little Big League 1 - 3

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DescriptionBatters up! Hot young jock studs swing away with their man-sized cocks and pile-drive each others’ hungry throats and holes in a cum-splattered baseball themed bonanza.
Things get off to a throbbing hot start as sharply suited coach Marcus Allen (a Freshman Magazine Freshman of the Year) gets his sturdy cock spit-shined and ass-clamped by pretty twink boy Robbie Angel.

From there we spy an eruptive interracial suck and poke between lithe, pale, wavy-haired cutie Matthew Matters and dark-featured Latino dream-puppy Sergio Anthony. And I do mean eruptive: when Matters gushes out a thick arcing stream that lands right on his fluffy mane, your mouth will water.
Next up is a slam-bang show-stopping six-man locker room orgy during which solid bats of man-wood get devoured and pink yawning poke-holes get teased probed and pounded. Among the accoutrement: some jaw-cramming double suck action; sweaty, piggish pit-sniffing and ass-munching; some extreme finger, palm and dildo-play; a torrent of spurt boy milk (watch for sexy Holden Grey’s intense and impressively copious effusion); and brace yourselves for the whetting sight (and, consequently, the wetting sight) of compact hottie Brent Everett, the ripped, smooth, spiky-haired Freshman Magazine Freshman of the Year model who’s got a killer set of washboard abs and who wields a thick up-curved tool that would likely look as over-sized on even a taller and beefier dude.

Commence drooly gawping.

After that orgiastic stretch, the final inning is a bit of a let-down, despite the presence of uncircumcised nouveaux punk hottie Owen Hawk, who I’ve decided is far sexier when he keeps his squeaky voice muted. Coach Blake puts a deep throat-squeeze on Owen’s pulsing prod and exquisitely eats out his fuzzy pink pucker hole. Then, in a sloppy bit of editing, Owen takes a brief taste of Blake’s noodle before abruptly cutting to Owen fucking Blake doggie style.
This leads to some dildo play, during which Owen retrieves a jumbo black toy from a locker and administers the dark rubbery torpedo to Coach Blake’s gaping hole. No explanation, however, for why we get a post-cumshot pared-down flashback/repeat of the dildo scene, along with a deja-vu of the spurt shot. Somebody wake up the editor! Other than these obvious editing hiccups, the production is stylishly shot and scored and the action is otherwise four-star fierce.

Little Big League packs innings and innings worth of cum-soaked naughtiness. The only way this juicy jock-fest could possibly be any hotter is if it came packaged with scratch-and-sniffs of the boys’ sweaty jockstraps. Play [with your] ball[s]!

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