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Here's a small part of my comic collection, I chose the ones I thought needed to become more popular.

Please vote well for this torrent and say thank you if you find something in there that you like.

Artists include;

Patrick Fillion, Sean and Logan and Joe Philips

Patrick Fillion list

Boy toons 1,2
Camilla-cat Felinoids
Camila-cat Purrfection
Guardians of the cube 1,2,3
Naked Justice 1
Satisfaction Garenteed 1,2,3
Misc pictures by Fillion

Sean List

A tail of the old west
Bigfoot and a half
Fire Break
Rapid Shooters
Sky-high and Hard
Stud Stars
Hard as Steel
The Buddies and the Bastards
Working the Shaft
Beach Buns
Cadet Club
Gang Bangers
Hardhat Sex
Pledge Watchers
Shooters of the Deep
Snow Blow
Swim meat
Tunnel of Lust

Logan List

Deimod 0,1
Bear Gay comics
Homophobic Redneck Dicks
Mike Mystic vs Dr.Dread
Misc. Porky
Porky Vol.1
La Pornomicon
Misc Space
Preview artwork and comics
Unpublished story boards

and a bunch of Joe philips stuff

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