♺ I Know Who You Did Last Summer [Miami studios-Gemini Series] *Jarett Fox Gets FUCKED!*

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-08-31 |
unknown uploader | Here is a little break from my usual vintage movies posts.

And I will be completely honest.
I really got this one for myself!

I have had the hots for Jarett Fox for at least 2 years before I ever got into Gay adult movies, for that matter, even knew how or that they were even available.

I remember the first time I saw his photo (I am not sure where, maybe a website or one of my photo sharing groups).

I nearly had a stroke!
That hair. That slender build (I wanted to squeeze him to death!).
And those eyes!
I did not even know his name so I called him Angel Eyes.

Late when I did get into movies I noticed that he was always a top.
That was somewhat acceptable (I would have him any way I could) but really being more of a top than bottom I wanted to see him get fucked.

Later a moderator of one of the torrent sites (which one I do not remember that either) gave me a list of the movies he was a bottom, so I set out to get every one of them.
I pretty much do now so only one thing remains.

To get him (I wish!!!).

If you want a sneak preview, I made one you can view here: hxxp://tinyurl.com/ikno-ms-prvw-stream
(I admit I had to take a break periodically during its creation!)

As an added bonus, along with the still photos associated with the movie, I have included every Jarett Fox photo I have accumulated over the years.

It will be a fully packed Jarett download.

What else could a die-hard fan ask for?

Info below, details in the NFO file (for the techies!).



I Know Who You Did Last Summer [Miami studios-Gemini Series]


hxxp://xxx.pornwatcher.homestead.com/Studios/MiamiStudiosSummary.html (index only)


An all star twink line up, the return of legend Alex Ford, Latin twink stallion Angel Vasquez, incredible hardcore action both anal and oral, horse hung surfer boy Jarett Fox taking it from both ends from both twins (Matt and Mark Woods), and sexational cum shots, all make this a real collectors item!


Die Twink-Stars versammeln sich zu einem legendären Fickfest. Pornolegende Alex Ford feiert sein „Cumback“ und beschert uns zusammen mit Leckerli- Latino Angel Vasquez unbeschreibliche Hardcore-Action; anal, oral, phänomenal! Der bestens bestückte Surferboy Jarett Fox lässt sich von den Woods Zwillingen Matt und Mark gleich beide Löcher stopfen was natürlich einen sensationellen Spermaregen zur Folge hat! Dieser Film hat das Zeug zum Klassiker!


With that title you'd almost expect a thriller. Or maybe even a cameo from Jennifer Love Hewitt. Sadly, it's a no, on both counts. That's not entirely true. There are some thrills in this video, especially with some dynamic duos. Matt Woods starts things off by saying he is retiring from in front of the camera to concentrate on being a director. This might be depressing but Matt says, with a laugh, he wants to thank all the people who helped him in the business including "my little dipshit brother Mark."

An uncredited Jason Stone is "host" of the video, introducing the viewer to various scenes. Too bad Stone only does a quick jerk off near the end, he is fucking hot. Angel Vasquez and Anthony, Stone tells us, are both Latin with eight-inch cocks. He isn't kidding. Both boys are hot but interestingly Angel never shuts up and Anthony doesn't open his mouth - well, other than to suck Angel's big cock. Angel sucks balls like a champ and his hot talk even makes the routine "suck my big cock" sound like it's new. That's saying something.

Ramon Garcia and Seth Fisher don't throw off a lot of sparks, but walking out of the shot, they both feature two adorable asses. Hit the slow-mo! Alex Ford and Jake Daniels are two winners in the sex department. And when Ford fucks Daniels and tells him how tight his ass is a couple of times, it sounds believable. They end their scene with standout cum-facials. Ford lands a huge shot between Daniels' eyelid and eyebrow. Daniels, in turn, lands a shot in almost the same place on Ford's face. Finally, the Woods brothers take turns with Jarett Fox's foxy, hot hole.

The DVD cover refers to Fox as "horse hung" - pony hung is more like it. But he is still sexy. Some of the best action in this scene, and in the video for that matter, is when Matt (or Mark) is fucking Fox while Fox, in turn, is sucking off the other brother. If you are keeping score at home, Matt is the better top and Mark likes getting his cock sucked more than Matt does.

-Brady Jansen

Stars: Alex Ford, Jake Daniels, Jarett Fox, Matt Woods, Jason Stone, Ramon Garcia, Mark Woods, Seth Fisher, Angel Vasquez, Anthony (II)

Director: Matt Woods

Released: 2006


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