B C Productions - The Best of Favian Gotti

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The Best of Favian Gotti
distributor B.C. Productions
Random Sex released 2010 length
category General Hardcore
studio B.C. Productions
rating out of 4 non rated
produced ?
type Compilation
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none available
Alejandro (lfc)
Favian Gotti
Green Eyed Papi
Sexy Swagger
Shorty J
Viper (latino)
description none available
scenes /
loops /
source: promotional material
1. Adultery OgAb, Favian Gotti OrAt, Viper (latino) OrAt
On a brown bed with a gray cover with a pattern of black leaves and white leaves, with matching pillows, up against a narrow black table with perfume bottles, in front of a white wall, Adultery (white, big cross tattoo on left side of neck, white cap over black do-rag) sucks Favian Gotti (backwards white cap, gold chain) and Viper (black cap over black do-rag); Viper tops Adultery; Adultery rides on Favian.
see also On Top of My Game 1
found in compilation Dynamic Duo: Latino
found in compilation Trio 2
found in compilation The Art of Fucking

2. Shorty (j) OgAb, Gotti (Favian) OrAt
In the back yard, near a flight of red stairs, Shorty J (short, chunky, cornrows shaved on the side, white singlet) sucks Favian Gotti (skinny, blue shirt, red baseball cap, cross on a chain, tattoos, big left wristwatch);  indoors on a brown double bed with brown pillows and a high curved black leather headboard, Shorty keeps sucking; Shorty sits on Favian; Favian tops Shorty prone and on his knees.
found in compilation Sweet Dream, Blatino Fantasy 6
found in compilation Gotti's Revenge
found in compilation Fucked by a Thug

5. Favian Gotti OrAt, Sexy Swagger OgAb
On a black and white flower pattern bed, in a beige room with gray drapes, Sexcy Swagger (much darker) sucks Favian Gotti (pale, white cap, tattoos on upper right arm); Favian tops Sexcy Swagger.
see also On Top of My Game 2
found in compilation Passion (ChocolateCream)
found in compilation Hard Times (ChocolateCream)
found in compilation The Bigger the Better (ChocolateCream)
found in compilation Cream

6. Duke (bcp) OgAb, Favian Gotti OrAt
On a maroon bed with a pattern of small yellow squares, and matching pillows, with a high curved black leather headboard, against a white wall, under a narrow white shelf, Duke (very dark, ear studs, goatee, white t-shirt) sucks Favian Gotti (lighter, skinny, black baseball cap, heavy gold neck chain with round medallion, right black wristwatch, tattoos, stubble, black boxers with white polka dots); Favian tops Duke in a couple of positions.
see also Gimmie What You Got
found in compilation Meat Eaters (ChocolateCream)

action notes:
O=Oral; A=Anal; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;
references none available
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