♺ LoadXXX - Young British Shaggers 2

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Original upload: 2012-01-22 |
These cute twinkies have lust in their eyes, a boner in their pants, and hanker for a heavy fuck and suck session. Carl and Sky, two skinny friends, decide that as there's nothing on the TV, the only way to entertain each other is with a serious cock sucking session. It only takes one look before the two lads lock lips and stick their tongues in each other's mouth as hands snake under waistbands to feel hardening meat-stick in their trousers. Carl is the first to get his gums around his mate's plums, and slowly winds Sky up as he lovingly eats his cock. Sky is soon returning the favour until he grabs his pal's skinny butt cheeks, prises them open, and slides his long cock into Carl's chute until his balls are slapping against him. The look on their faces tell the pleasure story as this cute coupling ends with both guys jerking off and dumping their sweet loads...

Starring: Carl Aston, Sky James, Scott Carey, Jake Hardy, Lloyd Adams, Troy McCarthy, Kade Montanna, Kyle Wilkinson
2020-09-10 01:00:23
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