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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-03-27 |
Mouth Full Of Meat Stick

January 26, 2011

30:47 Length

Model: Park Wiley

"Baby, if you like yoga stretching so damn much than you're going to love what I got for you. Stretching is just my game if shoving this big fat fucking black cock of mine into that little mouth of yours doesn't do enough stretching than ramming it into your ass is goddamn stretching guarantee."...

A Bit Of Anal Bullying

January 19, 2011

39:58 Length

Model: Kieron Ryan

"Here's the deal. I'm about to bully your ass all over the map starting with taking your stupid ass frisbee and you're not getting it back until you deep throat this big black dick. Then I'm going to bend you over and stretch your asshole wide open. After I get mine, you're going to take y...

Missed My Flight

January 12, 2011

40:24 Length

Model: Tristan Phoenix

Tristan just arrived to LA ready for his MAN v. Cock episode. Just kidding there is no show, we just wanted to see whether this dick dangler would take a 10 inch fat cock up his ass for fame! Guess what his tight ass hole looked like when we were done with him?...

Massive Contributions!

January 5, 2011

32:52 Length

Model: Emilio Sands

"Nothing's free in this world bitch so don't come knocking on my fucking door with your flamboyant umbrella and expect a goddamn charity donation without earning that cash. That fucking pissed me off so I whipped my ass stretching, mouth tearing black jack hammer out and said "So you willing to suck...

Giant Cock Close Out Sale

December 29, 2010

41:36 Length

Model: Gianni Luca

"I'm trying to buy a shirt and this dude at the department store just kept eyeball fucking the hell out of me. He was putty in my hands and needed instant proof my long black dick was as big as a giant candle so I took him in the dressing room and stretched out his pretty little mouth. Then we went back to th...

Big Dick And Fowl Play

December 22, 2010

37:47 Length

Model: Ari Silvio

"This little hot tamale I picked up curbside to be my new latino boy toy had doubts that my black anaconda cock was bigger than a cucumber. So I cock slapped that smug look off his face and gave him a nasty skull fucking to change his mind. Before I even finished he was begging for medical attention for pounding t...

Big Back Mr. Cockasaurus

December 15, 2010

36:25 Length

Model: Bobby Knight

"That throbbing thick black cock of mine was barking to get out and shred some ass so I took it the park to let it hunt! It sniffed out this birdwatcher staring me down, thinking he may have found a peacock. He got cock alright when I stuffed his tender ass and let him know he came to the wrong park if he was look...

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