Ah! Cheer Squad Hole (2006 Danji Video)

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Released on March 20, 2006 in Japan.

This video features many different uniformed guys in Japan.
The main feature are guys in uniform called "Ouendan" in Japan.
Ouendan are like cheerleaders for sports, but in Japan, it's mostly just guys.

モデル 「嗚呼!!穴の応援団」 (About the models in this video)
・アキラ…180cm×100kg (Akira, 5'9", 220lbs)
・ケイタ…170cm×80kg    (Keita, 5'5", 176lbs)
・ヤマ…169cm×80kg      (Yama, 5'5", 176lbs)

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