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1 - CockyBoys - Austin Avery, Brock Banks & Sharok.mp4
Brock Banks & Austin Avery reunite with their sexy friend Sharok, in his CockyBoys debut, who helps tag-team & double-penetrate one of his hot co-stars! After a day of fun & sun at the beach, the guys recall more serious & injurious days of BLM protests, the pandemic, and becoming even closer...much more than friends with benefits.

Later, Austin joins Brock to make out with him in the shower and soon after follows him to the bedroom where Brock's hard cock awaits him. Austin easily gulps it to the root while Brock fingers him and passionately kisses him, but they keep it quiet as Sharok is in the next room napping. Except he's not. He's jacking off while listening in. As Austin starts riding Brock's cock they get louder and Sharok can't resist checking them out.

Austin happily greets Sharok by sucking while continuing to ride Brock. But Sharok wants more and soon he's drilling Austin as he lies against Brock. Sharok takes more control, picks up Austin, lies him on the bed & deep-fucks him on his back while sucking his feet. Brock soon goes from watching to climbing on top of Austin to face-fuck him..while getting rimmed by Sharok, then sitting on Austin's face! Sharok takes over again and gets Austin to ride him.

Brock soon moves in and gives Austin a taste of double-penetration before sitting back to watch...but not for long. Brock flips Austin on his back so he and Sharok can DP him. They then take turns pounding Austin until Sharok strokes & fucks the cum out of him. Austin then helps his buddies get off. He receives a facial from Brock and gets rimmed again Sharok who goes over the edge and shoots a mind-boggling thick load over himself!

Duration: 39:50

2 - CockyBoys - Gabriel Clark & Adrian Hill - FHD.mp4
Adrian Hill makes his porn debut in an auspicious way: getting "Clark'd" by Gabriel Clark! Adrian's slight nervousness wants to learn dissipates once he and Gabriel kiss passionately and explore each other's bodies. And in no time Gabriel has Adrian on all fours, pulling down his briefs to tease his hole with his tongue and cock. In turn Adrian eagerly sucks him...in the way Gabriel wants him to do.

Adrian enjoys Gabriel's cock with affectionate lust and gets the same treatment right back before Gabriel leans him back to lick and finger his hole even more. Once he spit-lubes Adrian, Gabriel leans him against the mirror to slide his cock in and show him his reflection as he's getting pounded. And now he's ready to teach Adrian a little more.

In bed Gabriel puts the limber Adrian in position for a deep pile driver fucking. Once Adrian takes it like a champ Gabriel lies him on his back for a power pounding and he doesn't stop until he's fucked a thick load out of him. With his dick still inside him Gabriel keeps pumping faster and faster until he pulls out to cream over Adrian's smooth pink hole. And as the finishing touch to popping Adrian's porn cherry, Gabriel gives him one more passionate kiss to remember.

5 February 2020

Duration: 27:27

3 - Icon Male - The Stepfather 5.mp4
Michael and Andy are two best friends talking about whos stepdad is hotter? Is it Jesse, is it Johnny, is it Dillon or is it Mason? Its a hard choice because all these stepdads are Grad A beef! Some of these stepsons seem to think they can get away with anything, but not when the demanding stepdads take the power back and teach the stepsons a lesson! This superstar cast brings it all home in the stepson-stepdad fauxcest fantasy!

Cast: Dillon Diaz, Mason Lear, Jesse Zeppelin, Casey Everett, Andy Taylor, Michael Boston, Johnny B

Duration: 1.49 hrs.

Released: June 17, 2020

4 - Freshmen - Porn Apprentice 3 (Bel Ami).mp4
The new generation of Freshmen proves they have what it takes. See Bel Ami's youngest models in raunchy bareback action!

Cast: Nino Valens, Damian Chapelle, Nate Donaghy, Kieran Benning, Alec Morrison, Michel Seberg, Helmut Huxley, Jerome Exupery

Duration: 1.56 hrs.

Released: Augustus 24, 2017

5 - Freshmen - Porn Apprentice 6 (Bel Ami).mp4
Make porn great again. More of the new generation of Freshmen prove they have what it takes in Porn Apprentice 6. See another eight of Bel Ami's youngest models in raunchy bareback action as they go full out to make porn great again!

Cast: Adam Archuleta, Alan Mosca, Torsten Ullman, Ian Roebuck, Ryan McKenna, Nils Tatum, Jerome Exupery, Matthieu Pique

Duration: 1.53 hrs.

Released: December 21, 2018

6 - Taking It In - Vance Winter (2009) All Worlds C1R mp4

Compilation video, with scenes reformatted to their proper aspect ratios in a 960x540 display.

director Chi Chi LaRue, Rod Barry, Doug Jeffries

Antonio Madiera
Axel Garret
Benjamin Bradley
Brad Benton
Jeremy Bilding
Josh Vaughn
Kevin Brown
Lane Fuller
Vance Winter

As Vance Winter lies out by the pool taking in the sun, he recalls his favorite scenes from his favorite videos. When Jeremy Bilding arrives for a dip in the pool, Vance enjoys taking in the view. Before long, Vance finds himself inside with Jeremy, bent over and really Taking It In! Watch as Vance Winter bottoms for the first time ever!

1. Lane Fuller, Axel Garret - How the West Was Hung (4:3)

2. Antonio Madiera, Kevin Brown - Down the Drain (4:3)

3. Andel, Brad Benton - Andel in America (4:3)

4. Benjamin Bradley, Josh Vaughn - Blond Leading the Blond (4:3)

5. Vance Winter, Jeremy Bilding (new scene, 16:9)

7 - Helix Studios
Sound of Seduction
Caleb Gray & Alex Riley

Release: July 25, 2020
Length: 35m 03s

A few of your favorite models decide to make it a fun night in at the Helix mansion. The guys play Jenga and pool before Caleb Gray picks up his guitar and starts strumming. The twink’s talent catches Alex Riley’s eye. He realizes, if Caleb can make his guitar sing with a simple stroke of a finger, he must be magic in the sack! Riley flirts with his big brown eyes, and soon enough, the pretty pair head to a more private room. The connection is clear, and the energy electric with every kiss, as the cock crazed twosome tear into one another. Shirts fall, and pants are pushed down, revealing overstuffed underwear which the boys can’t keep their hands out of. The twink’s take their two tripods out for some mutual masturbation, then Gray gets on his knees for a big swig of cock. The tiny twink eats as much meat as he can, then Alex helps him out with a ferocious face fuck, grabbing Gray by the hair and hammering him down on his hog. Raging hard, Riley pushes the pretty boy down on the bed for a sloppily, slurptastic suck job. Alex grabs the boy and kisses him hard on the lips, and is met with a demand, “i want to feel that tongue on my hole.” Riley immediately tosses the twink’s tail in the air, and gets to work on that hot, lightly hairy, amazing little ass. After gorging on the twink’s tasty tail, Riley stands up, and plants his rock hard piece in Caleb’s cock hungry hole. He thrusts hard, moving his hands from Gray’s neck to his thighs, punishing all the way. After banging the boy out standing, Alex slips behind Caleb and cocks him on his side. Cumming into the hammer hot, homestretch, Alex annihilates that ass doggy style, causing Gray’s engorged groin to gush, spewing spunk over the bed. Riley’s breath quickens, and he whips his cock out, which creams all over Caleb’s caboose, back, and crack. He shoves his sperm slick dick back up the boy’s butt, kisses him full on the lips, then rubs the creamy treat all over Caleb’s tight tail.

8 - Pictures and videos from this Brazilian guy Alex Salgueiro's OF page.

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