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♺ High Octane - Border Patrol DVD

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-08-13 |

Patrol the open waters with 15 hung police men full of hard action. Enjoy the sex lure of big beautiful cocks battering firm butt holes flaunting outdoor exhibitionism.

If you notice nothing else about "Border Patrol," the latest odyssey from ace director Hervé Handsome, you will notice that there is not a flaw on any of the men contained in it. I don't care what your "type" is you positively have to love these guys. They are all so easy to look at, so much the actual definition of the word gorgeous that it's a true pleasure to watch them.

The men in the video are all part of some patrol on some lake somewhere in Hungary. I don't know how elite a unit they are in terms of actual patrolling because the only thing they know how to do with binoculars are stare at other patrolmen. But, since nothing harrowing seems to happen on this river anyway, let 'em fuck around, I say! First up is the dependable bodybuilder Atilla B., a massively-proportioned dark-haired man with a thick stumpy cock and a libido that never says "no." His partner is Miklos, a superbly defined muscular man. There is a lot of touching to start things off and then kissing with an unusual amount of passion. Miklos shows cock first and Atilla happily sucks the top of, and Miklos reaches for Atilla's cock, and really doesn't let go in one way or another for the rest of the scene. Atilla is most energetic and then Miklos attempts to tackle Atilla's beefy boner, stuffing as much as he can in his cheeks. Their obvious chemistry provides opportunity for a rim by Miklos, who has fortunately to deal with a deep hole and large cheeks around his face. Then he finger-fucks Atilla while also blowing him, finally fucking him. The dick never goes in very far, but both men really enjoy and there is some fun to be had listening to the boat creak in time with the truly powerful thrusts crashing their bodies together. Doggy-style works better because it's a dream of a visual to watch Atilla's ass parted for the cock.

This is only the begining - a bevy of hunky Eastern Europeans fuck suck and lick muscles untill the ball busting climax.
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