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Sexy chiseled FratHouse recruit, America is back all the way from the East coast to put the wrestling moves on boyishly smooth and spry Micah. They start out by demonstrating how to perform different types of blocks and throws before testing them out with each other on the floor of Tony's basement. It only takes America flipping Micah onto his back a few times before he lands on the couch and things really begin to heat up! America stands over him while Micah hurriedly works to release a swollen and ripe uncut anaconda from captivity to introduce it to the more hospitable environment of his luxuriously fleshy and seemingly bottomless throat. Micah feverishly grasps the base of America's girthy serpent and plummets it head-first deep into the tight black softness without a single gag or teary eye, while America hovers over him bewildered by the inexplicable exquisiteness of the million-dollar blowjob he's suddenly receiving. After a short while America feels like his knees are going to give out and moves to sit down on the sofa allowing Micah to use gravity to his advantage while getting his face furiously fucked like one would stake a vampire who was trying to feed on them. Pulling his cute face off that immense cock for a just a moment, Micah decides to make himself a little more comfortable too, by introducing his tender nerve-packed prostate to America's super swollen and ultra-sensitive glans, deep within his sweet anal underground. America isn't ready for how amazing the tight confines of Micah's striated cavity feels as he moans and thrusts upwards - feeling his way through the darkness towards the inevitable light. America decides it's time to really take control and pushes Micah down on all fours while brutally shoving his veiny sirloin steak back into that gaping rectal meat-locker over and over while pulling Micah's hair and asking who his Daddy is. For the finishing move in this struggle to come out on top, America turns Micah upside down, lays his head on the ground and proceeds to pile-drive his throbbing hard-on into Micah's puckered asshole, trembling in ecstasy, drenched with lube and man juices. Micah, unable to take anymore passionate pounding, shoots out a torrent of semen like a handful of wax darts that all hit the bulls-eye. America isn't far behind him as he rips his man-sword out and launches what seems like at least 6 long pearly ropes of joy juice all over Micah's face. I need to take my heart medication now, excuse me.
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