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Bishop Angus, Elder Lindsay - Inspection

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Description“Enter and be seated,” the Bishop says flatly, wearing a mischievous smile. Elder Lindsay knows why he is here, but even so he has butterflies in his stomach.

Today is his inspection. He’s going to be initiated into the sacred priesthood Order.

When the mission President transferred Elders Lindsay and Ricci to a new area, they had never met Bishop Angus, the president of The Order’s presiding bishopric.

When he showed up at the mission home and introduced himself, the boys were caught off guard. He had clearly been informed and knew all about the sex they had been having and wasn’t upset.

He also knew that they had taken advantage of the mission president’s absence to have copious sex, right there at missionary headquarters.

Both boys had attracted the notice of The Order, a mysterious group of Mormon high priests who initiate new members into their ranks through a series of sexual rituals dating back to the restoration of the true church.

These powerful men have kept their erotic rites known as “signs and tokens of the priesthood” secret, generally not discussing these sacred practices with rank and file Mormons.

The Order only recruits and accepts the most attractive young Mormon boys as candidates for membership, and Ricci and Lindsay definitely qualify.

And the hot sex they’ve been having in the mission home (which they imagined was unobserved, though The Order has been watching everything) has convinced the brethren that it’s high time the boys begin the process of initiation.

“You have been an excellent servant. Because of your fearless service, I have been asked to extend a new calling to you.”

From there, Bishop Angus explained that neither Elder Lindsay nor his companion were in trouble. At the time,, the promiscuous boys were very happy, if a little confused.

“What is the calling?” Elder Ricci wanted to know.

The Bishop put a hand on the boy’s shoulder and looked him in the eye. “I can’t tell you until you have been initiated. And the initiation will initially be at times painful, but eventually intensely pleasurable. But it is not optional and you must obey me completely. Do you trust me?”

Elder Lindsay had said “YES!” immediately. But Elder Ricci hadn’t been so sure.

“I can tell you’re undecided, Elder Ricci,” the President said. “We’ll begin the process with Elder Lindsay, while you consider what to do. But like the other ceremonies performed in the temple, you must promise not tell anyone about this calling, and if you are successful, never to reveal the secrets of The Order.”

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