[Unzipped] Swelter (2007)

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Joe Strong and Dane Hyde approach each other by the hot tub and immediately get their own personal party started, with Dane feeding upon Joe's cock. And when Joe turns around and shoves his ass into Dane's face, Dane devours it like a two-pound lobster. Joe then takes his turn on Dane's dick and playfully pounds on his chest, which Dane seems to love. Joe attacks Dane's ass with as much vigor as Dane did his, before bending him over and fucking him real good. When he's had enough of fucking him doggie-style, Joe flips Dane over and nails him on his back, with Dane loving every minute of it as both swap spit while Joe is reaming Dane with everything he's got. The scene culminates with Joe spraying his man-juice all over Dane's chest and Dane spewing on himself.

Next, instead of a hot tub scene, we get a poolside outdoor cabana scene with cutie-pie Jessie Balboa and Jason White. Jumping right in, Jessie goes down on Jason's super-thick man-tool, giving him what looks to be mind-blowing head, with Jason soon returning the favor. It's not long before Jason is munching on Jessie's amazing ass, getting up close and personal with his tickled-pink asshole. Jason gets even more involved with Jessie's ass by inserting not one, not two, but three fingers inside before plunging his massive member into him. Jessie's back is perfectly arched and his round butt is pointed skyward as Jason pounds away. A few minutes later, Jessie takes a seat on Jason's cock and rides him like a bucking bronco. The two beat themselves off with Jessie cumming as Jason fingers his hole.

The third scene begins with Steven Ponce swimming up to a feet-dangling-in-the-pool Dallas Reeves. With no time for introductions, he begins to blow Dallas, playfully licking his shaft and taking it into his mouth. Then it's Dallas' turn to fulfill that frat-boy fantasy by taking Steven's meat into his no-doubt salivating mouth. Dallas then bends Steve over a lounge chair and tongue-fucks and finger-fucks his freckly butt. Soon, Dallas decides it's time to fuck that ass and goes to it! After a little doggie-style action, Steven sits on Dallas' cock facing the camera and proceeds to bounce up and down like a pogo stick. Steven's cock swings back and forth like a metronome keeping time with the music. With Dallas still inside him, Steven blows his very impressive load with Dallas soon following suit.

The fourth and final scene pairs super-hot Scott Tanner with Damian Rios, walking hand-in-hand in a park like your average cute couple. It's not long before they end up in a bedroom and really get down to business. Damian eagerly goes to town on Scott's cock, lubing it up very nicely with his saliva. Since Scott has some seriously low-hanging balls, it's only natural that Damian would want to wrap his lips around them, which he does with glee. After a little of that, it's Scott's turn to devour Damian. Squatting down on his face, Damian receives a thorough tongue ass licking before Scott bends Damian over and begins to bang. The camera angle here is great as the viewer can almost feel Scott's monster balls slapping up against Damian’s meaty butt. Damian soon sits down on Scott's cock and up and down he goes, like a porn star yo-yo. Their fuck session done, Scott and Damian stroke themselves off to completion.  -- studio promotional material

2007, approx. 105 min

Country:  US

Studio :  Unzipped Video

Cast:  Derek Rivero, Dallas Reeves, Damian Rios, Dane Hyde, Jason White, Jessie Balboa, Joe Strong, Scott Tanner, Steven Ponce

Director:  Doug Jeffries

[Unzipped] Swelter (2007)

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