♺ Manifest Men - Vin Marco - Pumped (wmv)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-11-05 |
Naked Vin Marco doesn't feel the need for one bit of clothes as he flexes and and leans against the wall stroking his muscle cock and closing his eyes, his mind flashing to visions of his own body. He slaps his hardening cock against his abs and turns to flex his bubble butt before turning around and continuing to stroke. Running his hands under the weight of his heavy pecs he also feels the hardness of his nipples and pinches and twists them. This makes his cock thicken more and drives Vin Marco to stroke his cock even faster...
Vin Marco has reached the point of no return. He leans back agains the wall of his room and flicks his hards nipples as he continues to stroke his cock. While pounding away with one hand he raises the other arm and looks dies and side biceps flex looking at his own massive arms. Then he alternates his cock-stroking with his other fist and flexing with the other arm. As his mind relishes the memory of his own flexing he lets out a deep gutteral groan of pleasure and pumps out a thick creamy load. NOW he can get ready for the rest of his day...
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