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The White Power gang are in town, spouting their bullshit about stopping immigration and how whites are the superior race. But unlike most racist thugs, this gang has a sexy, charismatic leader. And Dave's making a 'documentary' about him.

At only 19, aggressive young Lee has rapidly risen to the top of one of the hardest gangs in the country. The handsome young blond, braces stretched over his muscular chest, tight jeans advertising a tight bubble butt, is the sexiest neo-Nazi we've ever seen.
As Dave interviews him, I covertly film Lee's crotch in his fitted jeans, panning up and down his strong legs to his sexy DM boots, before returning to his face to capture some more ranting about "immigrants taking our benefits". Lee even has an office full of weapons, as well as right-wing posters and flags - but when I spot a tawse, I see my chance.

"What's this for?" I ask, handing it to Lee for a demo. The dumb blond gets carried away, explaining how he'd like to physically punish criminals in the town hall, and before he knows it, he's demonstrating the cuffs for me. I lock them round his arms and string them up to the ceiling on a rope, before adding some leg spreaders 'for authenticity'. The sexy young thug is all mine.

Lee still thinks we're making a documentary about him, right up until I unbutton his shirt and begin groping his rock solid pectorals, before viciously tweaking his nipples and stinging them by pinging the elastic of this own braces. Lee goes insane, trying to headbutt me, his face a picture of impotent fury as he realises his usual violent tactics are useless against his own cuffs.

Ignoring his threats, Dave suspends a weight tied to Lee's neck, half-choking him, subduing his spitting rage. Having ripped off Lee's shirt, I slowly unzip his jeans and run my fingers over his firm cock, tucked away in his tight white underwear. As Lee chokes in his neck rope, Dave adds another rope, tied to the back of his pants, giving him a wedgie which lifts and separates the twin globes of his arse, keeping the boy in place for our torments.

I gag Lee with a few wraps of duct tape and help myself to his cock, laughing at Lee as it gets hard in my grip, asking what his right-wing mates would think if they saw him now, his dick erect in another man's hand. With Lee grunting furiously into his gag, I turn my attention to his pristine arsehole, sniffing the sweat as I move his pants aside for a good, hard flogging from Dave.

Lee wails into the duct tape as Dave lays into him with the whip. He can't move an inch, and can't do anything except scream when Dave moves round to his chest and thrashes that too, making his arse and chest a sore looking pink.

After slicing off his pants, I can't resist penetrating the proud man's arsehole for the first time ever - with a cold, steel anal hook. Lee moans in agony as his clenched hole is made to give way to the metal - but he has no idea just how much we're going to ravage that hole today...

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