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William Higgins - Jirka Rypar

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Jirka Rypar is 20 years old and lives in Znojmo, where he is a student. In his spare time Jirka likes fitness. He really is a great looking guy, and as the video starts Jirka is doing pull ups on the overhead bar, which beautiful define the muscles in his arms. Jirka then drops to the floor and removes the top part of his fitness apparel, revealing that gorgeous chest. A few more pull ups and Jirka is then ready to dip into the shorts and start to feel his dick. Although we dont see it, at this point, we know is it getting hard and as the camera moves up from his feet, past his legs, to his groin we see that his rock hard dick is now exposed. Jirka wanks on his cock as he looks at the camera. I must say he looks great as he does it. The he reclines and takes the opportunity to show us his ass. He has a beautiful bubble butt, probably the result of all his gym work, and as he spreads the cheeks we see his hot, inviting hole. Jirka turns over and pulls his legs up, so we can see the hole some more, as the same time getting a great view of his immense thighs. Goodness I am constantly amazed at just how handsome and well built some of these Czech guys are, and Jirka is certainly both of those things. Finally he starts working on his dick again and delivers a very nice cum shot, which the camera lingers on for a nice long time, before he retires to the shower to wash up and say goodbye.

Model Name: Jirka Rypar
Age: 20
Home Town: Znojmo show map
Height: 181cm/5\'11\" Weight: 95kg/209lb
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Foot Size: EU41/US8.3/UK7.8 Penis Size: 18cm/7.09\"
Profession/Student of: Student
Hobbies: Fitness
Favorite Sports: Fitness
Active Sports: Fitness
Movie/Music/Sport Stars: Johnny Depp
Visited Coutries: Croatia
Want to Visit Coutries: USA
Dream of My Life: Travel around the world
Zodiac Sign: Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
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