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Lee returns to the office today for his follow up examination and some stress testing to evaluate his overall health. I suggest that he strip down to his shorts to begin and he responded, ¡§sorry, I did not wear any today doc¡¨. Lee is a relaxed patient and remains very conversational all throughout his exam. At the onset, I explain the overall testing that will be performed today to look for medical root causes for his elevated blood pressure reading from a previous examination.

I begin my taking his blood pressure while he is at rest and while the cuff takes his blood pressure, I measure his flaccid penis and record it at 6 1/2 inches. I check his respiration and heart next using my stethoscope. As I near his genitals, his penis begins to slightly length and his urethra becomes wet with anticipation of an erection to follow. During his genital examination, I comment on his shaving and the bit of irritation that I observed. I suggest that he may wish to use clippers and leave a bit of hair growth rather than shave himself smooth. I compliment Lee as he in a select group of my patients which have both a large penis and a large scrotum.

Standing him up at the end of the exam table, I begin to examine his genitals. Lee compliments me and is thankful that I have warm hands as I examine his most intimate parts of his anatomy. After a series of strong coughs to check for a hernia. I have Lee step off the table to begin the stress testing portion; first with jumping jacks and then followed by some jogging in place. As a former Marine, Lee is well accustomed to the rigors of exercise. After his exercises, I checked his blood pressure once again and I was further concerned to find it only had dramatically increased due to the exercises.

Standing him up once again, I adjusted the back of the table and coaxed him into the proper positioning for the start of the rectal exploration. I began with a lubricated finger inserted into his rectum and informed him that I would begin a light prostate massage. Lee reacted a bit and began to get into the sensations that he was feeling as he began to rotate his body on my probing finger. Removing my finger, I took aim and replaced it with the lubricated anoscope. This was a completely new and unexpected experience for Lee and to his credit, he accepted the intrusion and insertion extremely well.

To offer continued pressure against his prostate, I removed the anoscope and replace it with a clear anal plug. My previous prostate massage had prepared his anus to accept the larger device and with a bit of coaxing it slid inside and lodged in place. With it rooted in place, I began to pump both his penis and caress his scrotum. This was a variation of my standardized procedure but both his weighty penis and scrotum, I was able to enlist gravity to assist with my simulations. I step up the speed of my stroking and took a moment to adjust the collection dish which was resting on the exam table between his open legs. His breathing became labored and as he whispered, here it comes, ropey ejaculated spewed from his penis and landed into the collection dish.
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