♺ DirtyTony - Paul Stack's Revenge - Dayton O'Connor & Paul Stack

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-04-25 |
It's time to turn the tables on Dayton O'Connor. Last time we got these two together, Dayton had his way with Paul's ass and mouth. This time, Paul is going to return the favor. The guys are showing each other their battle scars and Paul wants to show Dayton how he got one scrape in particular. Before he knows what's going on, Dayton has been flipped onto his back, on the couch, with Paul on top of him looking into his eyes. A little rough play always gets Dayton excited and Paul notices his arousal right away. Paul pulls his buddy's shirt up and starts kissing his way down to his navel before unwrapping a stiff dick. He takes it into his mouth and gives Dayton a bit of a tongue tickling. Dayton is hard as a rock as Paul pulls the rest of his clothing off. Still fully clothed, Paul continues servicing sexy Dayton's meat. Now it's Paul's turn and he lies back to let Dayton swallow his cock.

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