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DescriptionBilly - 32:55 - What a great little fellow! A construction worker from northeast Georgia, he's a masonary specialist. He has had a long relationship with a woman that he really loves, but has done him wrong. After things went south, he started experimenting with other sexual options. He says: "I live to enjoy time in the outdoors - hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, but I love my rock and roll music. I am bi-curious, but I love the female body."

Billy - 2nd Session - 21:15 - Billy, being the nature lover that he is, wanted to do something outdoors, so we did. We will probably do more once I find a more secluded spot.Enjoy!

Brandon - 31:15 - A painter and aspiring writer, he is a new addition to the Atlanta population. He is 32 y/o, 6' 2", and 165#, and loves to travel. Originally from Alabama, he has travelled extensively, but seems to have settled here in Atlanta - at least until he gets the urge to move on.

Frank - 31:00 - Cool Dude. Came a long way to do this session. Like many of my guys, he's spent time in prison, engaged in a lot of illegal activities, and is just trying to make it. He is 35 y/o, 5' 7", and 145#. and is a jack of all trades, including construction, landscaping, and breaking horses. His philosophy is: "Have fun and enjoy life". Amen to that

Jay - 1:01:10 - It took 4 attempts to finish this guy's session, and this video is the 2nd and 3rd. At his first try he had a stomach virus and he only stayed a few minutes. The two sessions featured here resulted in "equipment malfunction" and he was not able to get off. He is such a handsome man and well built that maybe some of you can enjoy just watching him. He is 26 y/o, 5' 11", and 190# and is a college student. He was successful in his final attempt, which is on another movie (Jay - final attempt).

Jay - Final Session - 20:45 - This is the final session of this handsome man, and the third time (actually the 4th) was the charm. I have no idea why this 26 year old had so much trouble getting off, but things finally worked this time. Enjoy!

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