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MormonBoyz - Elder Ence - ORDINATION

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Description - Elder Ence carefully and slowly knotted his tie in the mirror, making sure it was perfectly straight. No hair out of place, shirt ironed, and name tag clean and shiny. He was giving himself a final look over as he waited in one of the hallways of the Temple. At any moment he would be called in to meet with President Nelson, and he took special care to have every piece of his appearance neat and presentable.
It’s hard to believe that this was the same untamable stallion who not too long ago was causing so much chaos at the Missionary Training Center.
Earlier in the week, he’d received notice that the day of his Ordination has been set. He would join the secret brotherhood.
His new position of authority will allow him to have sex with virtually any sexy Mormon he wanted, and this thought was enough to cause a slight rise in his perfectly pressed pants.
Still in his heart, he felt like a horny troublemaker, eager to have a hot hole or mouth on his cock. His companions Elder Dudley and Elder Sorensen proved to be a perfect pair of sexy, hungry, boys to have in his stable. He loved fucking each one of them, especially when it was at the same time!
And progressing through the ranks of the all male priesthood meant that this stable of beautiful boys to fuck would only grow.
The door next to where he sat opened, and there stood the impossibly sexy President Nelson. He beckoned Elder Ence inward, and the two walked through several passageways that ended at a beautiful white room.
With each step he took, Elder Ence could feel his heart pound harder. While he loved being the bad boy, finding clever and tricky ways to get his fellow elders to suck his thick cock, he had an insatiable desire to be controlled by the sexy men of the priesthood.
It wasn’t until his first meeting with President Nelson that he learned what a truly powerful man was like. He recalled his presence as being stern and somewhat scary. By simply standing in a room, he made you feel like a tiny, tiny dog, shaking and trembling in the presence of a wolf. Elder Ence had shown up late and sloppy before, requiring the gruff tone and firm hand of this muscle daddy.
Now, Elder Ence couldn’t have been more obedient and prepared. President Nelson seemed to observe this change as well. While he still stood strong and muscular, seemingly ready to burst through the crisp, white suit that hung from his statuesque figure, he seemed somehow softer. Even as he instructed Ence to remove his clothes, his tone, while firm, no longer had the sound of a reprimand. Rather, it was simply an order from a dominant leader to his obedient submissive.
Elder Ence, compelled to do everything completely right, did as he was told and continued to carefully and slowly make sure that every article of clothing was correctly folded and placed. This effort amused President Nelson, who broke his stone-faced glance with a slight smirk, aware that he’d tamed the wild colt. He too began to take of his clothes, proving a challenge for Ence who tried to not be distracted as the leader revealed his perfectly tan, defined muscles.
As soon as the two were stripped down to their sacred garments, President Nelson gently lead the young elder onto the white couch where he laid him down and climbed on top. Elder Ence was prepared (and hoped) for an intense display of sexual force and endurance in his ordination. He found, however, only soft, sweet kisses from the otherwise hard, sculpted daddy. However, their passions increased as their kissing grew deeper and faster, each man hungry for the other. The tenderness of the moment changed to carnality as their animal instincts took over and the need to breed surfaced.
President Nelson’s cock was sticky with pre-cum as he let it out of his undergarments, revealing the ten hard inches of veins and flesh that Elder Ence had obsessed over for nights on end. Elder
Ence could barely contain his desire to be fucked by him, feeling his ass pulse with heat, readying itself for that first penetration. President Nelson’s restraint and newfound softness evaporated as soon as he pushed his huge mushroom-head into the eager hole of Elder Ence. Nelson quickly sank the entire length of his long thick shaft into the boy until his balls were resting on his taint.
Once he had fully sheathed his cock, President Nelson remained still for a moment. His muscles rippled in response to the pleasure. And then, slowly at first, he slid in and out. His perfect ass clenching as he began to pound hard into the boy.
As Elder Ence desperately clung to the cushions of the couch, trying to keep from being fucked over the edge, he realized he was indeed getting the power fuck he’d hoped for…                       

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