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BG East - Babyface Brawl 2 - Cameron Matthews vs Austin Cooper

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DescriptionCam versus Coop! Phenomenal Pro PunishFest!

Best Ring MatchYou demanded it. They demanded it. Who could say no? Cameron Matthews, star of BG East's first Babyface Brawl (against sexy Alexi Adamov), has been hitting the weights and champing at the bit to get his hands on superhunk Austin Cooper. As luck would have it, the feeling has been mutual. Cam thinks Austin is a "fucking showoff," a poser with meager skills to back up his claim to be a pro. "He's pretty," he told The Boss a while back, "but I'm a whole lot prettier ... and, unlike him, I can actually wrestle!"

The Boss asked the self proclaimed 'Champ' whether he'd ever watched any of Austin's matches. "Not much. Some. I don't know," he muttered. "To tell the truth, I never had the stomach to watch more than a few minutes of any one of them." So he says. Still, not a day passed before Austin heard the word and was messaging The Boss and anyone else he could get in touch with at BG East: "Book me Matthews ASAP. Dude riding too high for too long." Inside of a week, a date was set, and the match was on.

In the week before the match, Cameron was on the road, wrestling shows up and down the East Coast. Meanwhile, Austin holed up in the gym getting prepped and pumped. When he wasn't working out, he was studying videos of Cam's matches from BGE's extensive library. Some of the other BGE stars started filling his head with wild ideas, telling him first that there was no way he could NOT beat Matthews in a fair contest. "The guy's got no real fight," they told him. "He's good, but look at his win-loss record! Still, he's experienced and wily so don't trust him." As the week wore on, the tales became more and more lurid. "He's been talking shit about your family." "He put your face on a voodoo doll, man." "Coop, he's telling everybody that you won't make it out of the ring alive!" Whether true or just the mind games of notorious BGE badboys itching for a babyface muscle show, each story just made Austin more determined to give Cameron a fight like he had never experienced before.
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