♺ Studio 2000 - A Body to Die For 3 : Mann Down (avi)

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Original upload: 2008-06-16 by unknown |

Studio:  Studio 2000

Cast:  D.C. Chandler, Joe Foster, Robert Balint, Marcus Allen, Tony Mecelli, Filippo Romano, Jason Land, Arik Travis, Clay Foxe, Danny Rhymes, John Westfield

From the press notes, courtesy of Studio 2000:
"Mann Down is the third and newest erotic entry in the highly successful A Body to Die For series from Studio 2000 and director Derek Kent. The star is the charismatic "sinema" sensation D.C. Chandler. In Mann Down, Chandler is, dare we say, more enticing, more edible, and full of more spark and spooge than ever before. He drives the show from start to finish appearing in two scenes and blasting off enough guy gravy from his enormous, uncut endowment to make even the most jaded applaud.

Chandler is on a mission. His brother has been kidnapped and he is hot on the trail. Unfortunately, the villains are also after Chandler so he dashes from his hotel room, running through field and forest, to escape. He is captured and thrown into jail with a very user-friendly cellmate - John Westfield. This is the sexual landscape of Studio 2000 so it should come as no surprise that Westfield is in jail for sucking dick. Quickly sizing up the situation, and never one to let an opportunity pass by, Chandler asks, "Well, are you any good?" The pale-skinned, dark-haired Westfield, who could not be more appetizing if he tried, wastes no time. He hauls out D.C.'s dependably dazzling donkey dick and proves his sucking skills. Chandler tastes Westfield's close-shaved cock and in short order is slamming his sizzle stick deep into Westfield's asshole in the doggie and missionary positions. Chandler's squirt-gun cum shot produces the most voluminous volley of his career and Westfield oozes gobs of thick white cream in response.

Chandler is released from jail. Back at the hotel, he receives a phone call directing him to a sex club where he might find a clue to his brother's disappearance. As he prowls around the club, he stumbles into the mens room where handsome, muscular Robert Balint is jerking and sucking on a big, fat dick through a glory hole. The prodigious prick turns out to belong to Joe Foster who is a hunk in his own right. These two are all over each other. They kiss with lots of wet sloppy tongue and take turns sucking each other's dick and balls. Foster likes it hard and rough and Balint is just the man to carry out the dirty deed. Across the sink, on the floor, and seemingly everywhere else in the john, Balint slams Foster's tight hole. Finally, Foster sits down hard on Balint's bone. As he bounces up and down, his twitching tool fires off a no-hands cum shot that has jizz jetting everywhere.

Chandler pauses to watch a fourway in the backroom of the club. He sees Marcus Allen working over Clay Foxe and Danny Rhymes. There is a lot of close-up cocksucking with Allen's pudgy pecker getting oodles of attention. Filippo Romano joins the action as Chandler continues to watch. Allen and Romano top the two bottom boy's butts. The pace increases until all four are bursting to blast their batter.

Having had no luck finding his brother, Chandler returns to the hotel to discover a letter directing him back to L.A. Before departing he hears the sounds of sex coming from the next room. As the camera slides from one room to the next, we find Arik Travis and Tony Mecelli passionately rolling around a bed. Colossal-cocked Mecelli is working over Travis'; nipples and than proceeds to concentrate on his cock. Travis responds by deep-throating every considerable inch of Mecelli's mast. As Mecelli invades Travis' asscrack with a couple of fingers, Travis says, "Easy, I haven't done this in a while." However, the next thing we know he is sitting down on Mecelli's meat and riding it to the manner born. These two are in perfect sexual sync as the position changes to doggie and Travis continues to take a bold banging. Mecelli cums all over Travis'; back and bum and Travis pulls off his own juicy joint.

In L.A., Chandler arrives at his brother's home and finds Jason Land. His brother is not there but a very feisty Land is. Trust us, Land is the real deal. He has platinum blond hair, a flawless face, warm eyes, sparkling white teeth, a plentiful prick, a bubblebutt and a tight bronze body. He also seems to be having so much down and dirty fun with Chandler that one cannot resist saluting the scene. After some snappy dialogue and a bit of cat-and-mouse maneuvering, Land removes Chandler's shoes and socks and massages his feet. He crawls all over Chandler's long luscious frame rubbing, fondling and kissing every available inch. Land absolutely worships D.C.'s dick sucking, licking and slurping like one posessed.

Land shoves his cock in Chandler's face and is rewarded for all his efforts with a world-class blowjob. Land's cock, long, thick, and cut, with a wide mushroom head is gorgeous sliding in and out of Chandler's mouth. Moving from couch to bed these two melt into one. All clothes are ripped off as the kissing and cocksucking continues. These two sensational show boys strut their stuff. Chandler drives his huge hose deep into Land's end. Every position in the book is tried as the temperature rises higher and higher. Land moans, groans and whimpers for more as Chandler drills deeper and deeper. Great fucking, great chemistry, heavy-duty hard-ons, and copious cum shots add up to an astounding session of smoldering sex.

Mann Down: A Body to Die For 3 is one of Studio 2000's and Derek Kent's best yet. Magnificently photographed, with excellent lighting and scenic design, this is erotic filmmaking at its very best. The entire cast is absolutely top shelf, but towering over all is D.C. Chandler, who remains one on the most potent shooting stars the industry has ever known. So tall, so lean, so buffed, so glossy, so cute, so hung and so charming, he radiates waves of sexual energy that promise and deliver total and absolute fulfillment."

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