BC Productions - Booty Bandit 2: Revealed

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DescriptionBandits need the booty.
Each scene begins with someone fantasizing, a model appears (Mr. X except in the first scene), performs, then disappears.
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source: Gay Erotic Video Index
1. Mr. X (black) OrAtRg, Rock (black1) OrAt, Mask (black) OgAbRr
Mr. X (on front cover of box, with mask and without; in Booty Bandit 1 he kept the mask on throughout; has a bull’s head tattoo on his left shoulder) and Rock 1 are j.o.’ing side by side on a bed; The Mask materializes and begins to suck Rock 1; X rims Mask as Mask sucks Rock; Rock tops Mask as Mask sucks and is facefucked by Mr. X; X tops Mask as Mask is facefucked by Rock.
found in compilation Legendary Tops

2. Dominic (pb) OgAbRr, Mr. X (black) OrAtRg
Dominic (black do-rag) is on his bed, rubbing his bottom; Mr. X materializes wearing a white bandanna and a mask and starts rimming Dominic; X continues as Dominic sucks X in a 69 position; X tops Dominic and disappears.

3. Mr. X (black) OrAtRg, Alex Skye OgAbRr
(on a black couch in a red room) Mr. X appears suddenly to Alex Skye, who is rubbing his chest; Alex sucks X; X rims and tops Alex and disappears.

4. Carlito (Rockafella) OgAbRr, Mr. X (black) OrAtRg
On a brown leather chair Carlito (black do-rag) is massaging himself when a black dildo appears and turns into Mr. X; Mr. X starts rimming him; Carlito sucks and is facefucked; later in bed, X tops Carlito in several positions and then disappears.
found in compilation The Best of Carlito
found in compilation Meat Eaters (ChocolateCream)

5. Mr. X (black) AtRg, Slate AbRr
(on a red-covered bed with a mirror at its head) Slate is stroking his chest and crotch when Mr. X appears; X rims and tops Slate vigorously and vanishes.

action notes:
O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;

director Marvin Jones
notes performer role
Alex Skye
Dominic (pb)
Mask (black)
Mr. X (black)
Rock (black1) Rock 1 on cover
U Carlito (Rockafella)
foot notes:
U=Uncredited performance;
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