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Kennel Master

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Duration: 1 Hour and 50 Min.

"A warning from the producers: This film portrays realistic and authentic BDSM and fetish sex. These are not actors, but experienced BDSM players doing what they love to do. This is hardcore extreme sex at its most raw and most realistic, and should be viewed only by those that can handle it.

"Sit... stay... suck. Good boy! Big chew toys are just part of the fun in Kennel Master from co-directors Paul Wilde and Tony Buff, who leads a horny cast ready to unleash its inner animal. Bondage, pissing, pup play, dildos and hot wax are just a few of the obedience exercises in store, so grab a bone and lap up this energetic fetish action - which gives new meaning to "man's best friend"!

Cute Steven Daigle arrives at the kennel, ready for the care of his new handler Tony Buff. Steven is stripped down, his hands soon padded and slipped into puppy mitts as Tony pets his scruffy, obedient canine. Steven then gets a puppy tail butt plug that wags in anticipation, followed by a dog hood that is soon begging from inside a cage, where he remains captive as the action unfolds...

Tan stud Tony Vega wastes no time assuming the position, his legs up in the air as he offers his ass to the bearded chin of hungry hottie Dirk Caber. The muscle man eats his "sexy boy", grinding his rock-hard cock on the bottom's ass. "I want you to fuck me!" begs Tony, soon moaning as Dirk slams his shaft in balls deep. The two kiss, and the smiling Tony gets it doggie style as the top grabs hold of his jockstrap. The sweaty top soon explodes on Tony's back and ass, but the fun has just begun. Soon blindfolded and bound by his hands and ankles to the table, the subservient stud is soon at Dirk's mercy. Lightly using his fingers to deliver a tortuous tickle, Dirk has his pet squirming. Tony moans even louder as a pin wheel is rolled over his entire body, including his shaft and sac. Dirk then affixes tubes to Tony's nipples as he strokes his captive's cock, rubbing his bristly beard against it. After shaving Tony's pubes and balls, Dirk sucks him before administering his final lesson: coating Tony's entire body in white hot wax and pissing on him, the mess soon joined by a coat of cum.

Dark and handsome Sami Damo soon has smooth muscle man Tristan Phoenix on the floor, fingering his bubble ass before hooding him in leather. After more fingering, Sami slides a thick silver bullet butt plug into Tristan's hole. Soon on his knees, Tristan's mouth is freed but quickly filled with a treat — Sami's steel slab. The master delivers a heated face fuck before pissing on his doggie's chest, then slides his cock in again as he holds on to Tristan’s head. After unplugging the bottom's hole, Sami shoves his dick inside for an intense doggie fuck that gets harder and faster with each thrust. A heated low shot captures the action, from Tristan's twitching boner to Sami's expressions of pleasure. The bottom's dick bounces as he gets rammed, his face soon unmasked as he gets fucked on his back. Sami's abs tighten as he rams away, the top soon pissing on Tristan again before the two squirt — including a rocket from Sami that flies on and over Tristan's pec, the top then rubbing the spooge onto the bottom and using his own load as lube.

Released from his cage, Steven must show off his obedience skills to a kennel club judge. After passing the test, the pup is unleashed and lured with a chew toy to his master. The encouraging Tony wants to reward his pet: "Where's your bone?" he asks, soon whipping out his monster cock to feed the hungry pup. Steven opens wide and laps up his treat as Tony pets him. As his tail wags, Steven works his mouth all the way down Tony's tool, an impressive deep-throat display that gets the collared pup drooling. Out of breath with the vein on his neck bulging, Steven shows off his training. Tony gives a kiss of approval, his monster cock throbbing as he strokes Steven. Their cocks touch, and Tony feeds his best friend again as Steven's shaft pulses. After clipping his pup's tail, Tony fills up the hole with his big dick as the bottom's tongue laps in approval. Soon on his back as a great aerial shot looks down, Steven stays stiff as he gets rammed again. Tony strokes him as he fucks, soon holding on to his pup's paw. In a final display of power, the top brings Steven to the brink — forcing him to come into a tube as he tortuously pets the canine's shaft, soon injecting the cum into the bottom's hole. Tony unloads on Steven's ass, then wraps his arm around him and rubs his bud's belly as the two smiling studs end the energetic effort."

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