MilitaryClassified - Layton [2nd Video]

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Layton is back and i'm sure you all remember his first visit and the BJ that I got a chance to give this corn fed all American Marine 6'2" stud. He contacted me recently asking me to help him get out of a financial jam and I, being the negotiator that I am managed to talk him into bending me over this time and fucking a guy in the ass for the very first time in his life! He got a lot more than last time but it was worth every penny when you see how this straight Marine shows up just how straight men fuck!
We set the date and Layton decided to come up to my studios after work so he was still in his cammies. Sniff Sniff! He was very nervous and extremely quiet so I tried to break the silence by talking about women and how his sex life has been recently and he chuckled a little as he described how he's been getting laid lately. Once we got past that I moved in and began my work quietly and slowly.
Now getting his cock sucked wasn't new to Layton but the ass fucking definitely put him on edge as he wasn't sure how he was going to do since its new to him. I shot this movie downstairs in my TV room because there's more room and this dude is literally 6'2" so i need the space. While he sat on my bench in front of the iPad playing porn, I began sucking Layton's cock and within seconds he was rock hard.
Within minutes of getting this boy rock hard, I was already maneuvering my ass on top of his beautiful 6 inch cut cock that just welcomed that tight brown ass as the warmth of that hot wet hole engulfed Layton's cock and making him close his eyes as he moaned. I rode this stud for a good minute before I was bouncing on his cock backwards cowgirl style, forwards, and we made out way to the infamous doggie style position last.
This must have been the position of choice because once Layton had a hold of my ass from behind, he grabbed both of my hips and took me for a ride that scared me as he pounded my ass, on his tip toes, as he drove his cock deep inside my ass! The problem is I couldn't handle the force of this stud so I had to dismount and suck this boy to a nut that was glorious! It looked like a water fountain of cum and it tasted so good!

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