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Built like a football player, 21 year old, Tristan is at the office to receive an examination for his participation in a college level basketball team. Tristan stands 6¡¦00¡¨ tall on a a solid 200 pound frame. His last physical, also was for sports and it was performed at his family doctor. During those high school years, those exams at his family doctor took part under the watchful eyes of his father until he reached his 18th year.

Unusual for a 21 year old college student, Tristan seldom consumes any alcoholic beverages however, when he does, he opts for wine consumption. Rather than playing the field, Tristan has kept to a steady sexual partner for the last several months which, since he does not like to use condoms, is probably a safer an option. I suggested that he undress to his underwear to begin today¡¦s examination.

Questioning him about his physique, I found out that Tristan is at the gym five times a week and spends an average of 3 ¡V 4 hours on each workout routine. His pectorals are expansive and his frame tapers down to a trim 30 inch waist. His chest is fairly devoid of hair and only a dusting of it grows now around his naval when it is promptly shaven smooth.

I begin each exam with a blood pressure reading and to typify his excellent conditioning, Tristan¡¦s was spot on perfect for his frame. A strong heart and clear lung sounds came through the stethoscope as I worked my way down his taut frame. His abdomen has the telltale beginnings of a washboard sculptured mid-section which would only serve to further enhance his good looks. Grasping and pulling open his boxers at the waistband, I noted the recently shaved pubic region and the associated razor bumps that often accompany a close shave. Suggesting that the boxers be removed, I helped shimmy them off of his body and folding them, tossed them over onto the chair. When he straightened his body out, I was able to get a really good look at what the loose fitting boxers concealed, a monster size, flaccid penis, which I immediately recorded as 5 inches in length. Obviously at this point, my attention was completed diverted to his pubic area. Discussing his genital shaving habits permitted me to caress this area without revealing my attraction to his member.

Taking his member into my hand, I was surprised at the weight of it. After a small amount of palpation, I was not surprised that it did not take much to arouse him. Dangling beneath this large appendage, his scrotum was oversized as well however in contrast, his testes were smallish in comparison. Standing him upright, I continued the examination of his penis which now jutted out from his groin as he has become semi-erect. After a series of weak coughs, I turned him around to check his spine and cupped each mound of flesh that comprised his firm, round buttocks. Positioning him back onto the table, I coaxed him into the proper positioning for a renewed inspection of his spine before I parted his buttocks and peered between the large orbs.

Securing a thermometer, I lubricated it and took aim as I informed him that I would take a rectal temperature. The thermometer looked miniscule as it was lodged between his round buttocks. Removing it, I replaced it with my lubricated finger as I gave him his first prostate examination. I explained that he might feel a bit of sexual arousal and that was confirmed when my finger tip made contact with his prostate. Informing him that I would do a prolonged massage to help produce some pre-seminal fluid, I began to rotate and move deep within his bowels. I received soft guttural responses from him each time my finger made direct contact with his prostate.

Turning him over, I used a cotton tipped applicator to secure the first specimen of the day and then informing him that a second specimen was required, I lubricated his penis and began to work it to its full capabilities. Taking a brief respite, I measure his erection initially at 8 1/2 inches but as I still felt he had more room to grow, I continued my manipulations and confirmed it had grown more when I measured it at 9 inches in length with a 7 inch circumference. As his member grew, his scrotum once small and loosely cradling his testes, had become compact and were lodged beneath the base of the behemoth penis. I continued to apply a variety of arousal techniques from tip to base, single to two handed stroking and pressure against the perineum and insertion into his anus.

Ultimately, I allowed him to maneuver himself to his climax while I replaced my inserted finger with a prostate massage device. A few moments later, I was rewarded with a thick and creamy ejaculate that squirted into the specimen dish.
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