The Pledge Master Proxy

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Description The Pledge Master Proxy is a ridiculous atrocity that dives into the college fraternity hazing scene with about as much knowledge of said category as the historical accuracy of Pearl Harbor. Not that I was expecting anything "historically" accurate in a gay porno, but the subject at hand is treated as nothing more than a easy way to get guys to take their clothes off and stick things up their butts.

Wait. What am I saying!? That’s the perfect scenario for a sleazy piece of male hardcore erotica. Unfortunately, director Jerome doesn’t know this and treats the camera like his elderly grandmother, shifting the lense away from the action (which is mainly oral and dildo probing) and onto the agonizing faces of the boys as they get probed and prodded by a fat fuck in a badly made leather mask whom I’m assuming is the pledge master of the title.

The cast is attractive enough and some of the scenes contain titillating sensuality. But most of Pledge Master Proxy feels like a creepy Don Ross reject with its advances from an obviously older guy disguising his age underneath a couple of homemade masks. The movie is a brisk 84 minutes which leads me to believe that the editor went through a cutting frenzy and left most of the action on the cutting room floor.
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