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Standing 6'3' Shawn was the tallest man on his High School swim team and ALSOthe BIGGEST COCK in the locker room in rural Missouri. "It was in theshower room that I learned I had a big dick," Shawn states when he tellsus on video about the first time he discovered he had a monster cock! "Afterthat all my friends called me King Kong Dong!" Wouldn't you love to haveseen this country boy and his fat cock in the High School shower room? Now aJunior in college in Hawaii, sexy Shawn is studying Marine Biology, loves thebrown Island girls, and is often mistaken for a young Nicholas Cage! Like Tony & Anderson,Shawn has a perfectly sculpted athletic body loaded with muscles everywhere! Watchas he enjoys flexing for the camera, showing off the massive biceps and backmuscles of a competitive swimmer! I put Shawn to work pulling weeds inthe garden fully naked in the hot Hawaiian sun! We get to see Shawn's tall tanbody from every angle was he works and walks around outside unaware of thecamera. His low hanging nut sack slaps his white thighs as he moves! There areso many great shots of his MUSCLE BUTT with his THICK COCK hanging in full viewfrom behind his smooth ass cheeks! What a nice white swimmer butt! Sweaty Shawnharvests a FULL RACK of BANANAS and holds it over his head for some photos! Like Frankie and Aaron,Shawn is another sexy Island Stud who picks tropical fruit in the nude! Lookat his massive arms bulged as he holds this heavy rack of bananas over hishead! Watch as he pulls on and plays with his beautiful cock in the sun! Oncehorny Shawn sits in a chair outside he relaxes and really starts to reallyenjoy his FAT COCK. Look at the BIG MUSHROOM HEAD on his already swollendick! Like Donnie, Brian,and Dustin, Shawn has a HUGE DICK HEAD! Yummy! With the camerafilming between his knees we get a fantastic view of his muscular legs, hugecock and big balls while his jerks off. "I'm coming," Shawn moansjust before he shoots a thick load of white jizz all over his ripped abs! Ilove a man who announces that he is about to bust a nut! With cum dripping fromhis well worked cock, Shawn climbs into the shower for one of our sexy showerscenes! We are happy this country college swimmer with the big dick is attendingschool on our beautiful Island! Enjoy Sexy Shawn!
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