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Maverick is back dressed in his green digital cammies with a raging hard on through his pants that was obvious. Maverick is considered a veteran to this type of work now and today he's just doing his job fucking rob in the ass. He even did his homework before he got here warming himself up with some pussy porn to get him prepared for today. I think we're going to see exactly how a horny straight Marine handles his business and quickly gets on his way!
Almost immediately we got right down to business and I had Maverick take all his clothes off and he unleashed this beautiful smooth muscular body attached to a half hard 7.5 inch cock that was busting to get out. His huge balls just hung there in the air and I could tell they were locked and loaded. I had him grab the back of my head and begin to fuck my face like he was drilling a typical pussy on a saturday night.
Maverick methodically fucked my face and damn near choked me so I had to change gears or I'd never get my fuck scene done. I pulled out a condom to put on Mavericks big fat dick and I should have brought Magnums because this boy's dick was solid and THICK! Maverick was seated on my sofa with his legs spread and hands behind his head as I began to slowly slide his dick up my ass in the reverse cowgirl position.
Once I was able to sit all the way down on that dick I instructed Maverick to begin fucking my ass and he immediately began pumping like a machine. Maverick was helpless seated on the couch as I controlled his cock with my ass and literally bounced up and down making him weaker and weaker with his resistance to hold back from cumin. The expression on Maverick's face was priceless as he just sat there watching me bounce on his cock and wondering why a dude's ass was feeling so fucking good. Next. I stood him up and I bent over in front of him and assumed the doggy position and Maverick continued his plowing of my ass with no regard.
Maverick pounded my ass like a pro making me howl and scream as his almost 8 inch cock continued to do damage to my ass. In the end I couldn't handle his dick and I had him pull out and sit down so I could finish him with my mouth. I resumed sucking almost immediately from the fucking and I didn't miss a beat as I brought Maverick to an orgasm that turned his face beet red and blew his load all over my hands and mouth.

Cast: Rob Navarro, Maverick
Director: Rob Navarro
Studio: Military Classified
Release Date: 2012-03-29
Runtime: 00:16:16
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