♺ Muscle Studs Wrestle: Vinny vs Frey (aka Austin Cooper)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-08-15 |
Two total muscle hunks take it to the mat in this wrestling match. Vinny is 6 foot 2 inches and 230 pounds of pure stud in tight white trunks. This guy could bring anyone to their knees with his alpha male attitude, cocky grin, and huge rock hard physique. Vinny is like the portrait of pure masculinity, I mean just getta load of those ultra hairy pits (woof)! Cute "prettyboy" Frey (better known on the net as Austin Cooper) gives up 60 pounds and 5 inches to Vinny, but don't let that fool you to thinking this will be a squash. Frey is by far the more experienced and seasoned wrestler of the two, and he knows what he's doing. He also packs some solid muscle onto his 170lb frame, and a great set of biceps to compliment his boyish good looks.

The two lock up, and right away it's a back and forth contest in a test of strength. Frey may not have Vinny's raw power, but he knows what he's doing on the mat. The two trade submission holds for awhile before a very hot mid match pose off. This just may be the highlight of the whole match, as the two flex and trash talk/admire each other's great physiques. Vinny's intimidating most muscular pose leaves even Frey a bit stunned at just how huge Vinny is, as Frey quips "geez, can you even turn your neck with those traps!"

When the two lock back up for the second half, things really get heated. Bearhugs, armbars, clutches, and ab stretches get traded back and forth. At one point Frey gets big Vinny over his knee in a backbreaker, clearly exposing a massive bulge packed in Vinny's tight white trunks! When you think you know who has the match wrapped up, the tables seem to keep turning. But inevitably one stud does prevail in this submission mat battle. I won't spoil if Vinny's power or Frey's technique ultimately wins out, but one stud does end up putting his foe"to bed" so to speak. This is certainly an awesome back and forth match between two gorgeous specimens.

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