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Bob and Jermaine meet for a trial of strength. They start with arm wrestling afterwards they head for a wrestling match. In round one Jermaine is able to clutch Bob in a nice leg scissor. But Bob is strong enough to free himself and counterattacks with a body scissor. Jermaine just sees one way out: ballgrabs! Second round with free upper bodys starts the same. Bob finds himself in a body scissor but gets free quite fast. Now Jermaine has to suffer in a head scissor for a long time. Since he is quite agile he could get free finally and the round ends in a draw. We see fantastic body scissor action in round 3. The boys, only in briefs now, attack each other with body and head scissors. Both have to suffer a lot. It gets harder and we see more and more humiliating moves like wedgies and ballgrabs. Especially Bobs front wedgies offer some nice insights. The fight is very demanding for the guys, especially Jermaine has to suffer under Bob´s strength and brutality. Jermaine is able to use some good moves as well but Bob is the stronger one in this fight. Even Jermaine´s biting attacks make him only more aggressive. Especially in the last two rounds of their struggle we see a tough and hard wrestling for the final victory.
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