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DescriptionIn the early evening there was trouble in the Fightplace flat. Giasy got himself ready to date someone. Brushing his teeth, styling, whatever you have to do. Ramon wanted to do this too but Giasy was just to slow. He harassed Giasy and pushed him out of the bathroom. But the little boy is not that easy to bump. Quite the contrary: he boasted with his muscles in front of the mirror to impress Ramon. Ramon isn't impressed and, to be honest, Ramon has more muscles then his roommate.
They pushed each other into the bedroom to measure their strength by arm wrestling. Ramon was surprised because Giasy nearly bet him. Ramon was just able to win this confrontation with a nasty trick. They immediately turned into wrestling. Now Giasy proved that there is a lot of power in this youngster. Usually Ramon dominates his opponents easily, if they have the same age, but not in this case. So that he had to fight with his whole power and tricks. He also had to use some nasty methodes to contest his little opponent. But the youngster can still find some ways to counter Ramon. Giasy has a lot power. Very impressive for a 16 year old boy.
The fight took about 70 minutes because the two fighters are on the same level. This 70 minutes were strength-sapping, arduous and full of headlocks, scissors, damn long holds and some hard actions when they where whirling around, too.
After about 60 minutes Giasy seemed to be totally out of power. Ramon went into the badroom, but then Giasy wanted to get a revenge. He wanted to get another battle with his strong opponent immediately after he lost the match.
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