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MormonBoyz - Elder Isaacs & Elder Larsen - Companionship Transfers Part 1

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DescriptionElder Isaacs is a good-natured Mormon jock who has only been in the mission a short time. So far, it’s nothing like he imagined. He thought his mission would be two years of hard work, limited personal freedom and zero sexual exploration.

Although that is exactly what the mission rules say, it turns out his mission is full of opportunities to indulge in sex with the other boys.

And not just with the other elders his age, but also with the men who preside in his mission area.

He’s at the age where his sexual drive is peaking. His strong feelings for his handsome companion Elder Larsen, whose hard lean body, giant cock and willing hole are always on his mind, are at the root of his desire to emulate his companion.

When his companion shared information with him about The Order, he was hooked. When Elder Larsen said he wanted to join The Order more than anything, Elder Isaacs became singularly focused on joining their ranks as well.

But now that they’ve gotten what they wanted, Elder Isaacs is sad to think they’ll be separated during their initiation rites.

On the day of Elder Larsen’s interview with Bishop Angus, Isaacs accompanies him to the bishop’s office.

“Do we really have to do this separately?” he asks.

Putting his an arm around Isaacs, Elder Larsen says, “Listen, this worked out better than planned. I thought you would have to wait for me to join.”

Isaacs is suddenly overcome with how much he cares for his sexy companion. He blushes and looks embarrassed. He almost looks like he’s going to cry.

After a long pause Elder Larsen says, “I’m really going to miss you too.”

Elder Larsen pulls his face close. He can feel the other boy’s breath on his cheek. And then they kiss, passionately. Elder Isaacs wants to do it one more time, something to remember if he won’t get to see Elder Larsen again for several weeks.

Isaacs gets on his knees and unzips Larsen’s slacks. He rubs the boy’s dick, then pulls it out of the flap in the front of the sacred Mormon underwear. The sight of Elder Isaacs on his knees, wearing suit and tie, slurping on his cock, makes Elder Larsen instantly hard.

Before long, Elder Larsen feels himself getting close and he stops Isaacs to switch roles. He unzips the fly of Isaacs’ suit pants and pulls out his meat, and then savors his junior companion’s hard dick.

Elder Isaacs closes his eyes and moans.

But they’re no longer alone. Bishop Angus enters the room silently, stands beside his desk and watches them. He wonders what it is that makes Mormon boys so hot. Their innocent looks? Their big dicks? Their eagerness to please?

The bishop’s own dick gets hard, and he feels an urgent need to get in Larsen’s hole. “Good show, boys,” he says, enjoying the way they scramble to zip up and wipe the spit and precum from their lips.

“Bishop!,” Elder Isaacs says, but Bishop Angus doesn’t respond to him. There’s a hierarchy, after all.

“Elder Larsen, you can let your greenie go.” He wants Isaacs gone immediately, so the interview can begin… so he can bend Elder Larsen over his desk and find out for himself why all the other members of The Order are so enamored of his hole.

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