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Glory Holes of New York

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DescriptionAlex Leon, Carlos Morales, Chad Hunt, Danny Hunter, Diego Alvarez, Jared Scott, Marcelo Reeves, Mario Ortiz, Rick Gonzales,
Scott Matthews, Scott Parker, Taylor Westin, Ty Lattimore

Bruno Riccelli's "Glory Holes of New York" is easily the most breathless and slickest of the series, taking full advantage of New York's finest beefcake. With wall-to-wall sex, the guys perform to the hilt, with nary a care to the camera or the poses or the lighting. Even the glory holes seem excited to be part of this production, a daring sexual tribute to the Big Apple.
The narrator for this video is handsome Marcelo Reeves, who has come to New York to write the latest Glory Hole tome. After a very catchy homage-paying Sharon Kane song puts us in the appropriate mood, Marcelo shows us a warehouse elevator somewhere in the Rockefeller Center vicinity. In this sprawling elevator is a big piece of wood with a hole, calling out to potential users in graffiti: "Fuck My Manhattan Hole." Chad Hunt and his gargantuan cock slip behind the wall so Carlos Morales, one of the most beautiful men in porn, can blow him. Sucking off Chad Hunt is a frightful task, but Carlos does better at it than just about anyone I've seen. He deep-throats Chad, and watching him stretch his throat is a real treat. Carlos then rams his ass up against the board to actively bottom for Chad, anally swallowing every single inch, and doing it with wood in between them. The shots from underneath show the best of the action. Carlos then goes behind the hole and lets Chad blow him for a while and then blond hairy Scott Parker shows up to help out. He shares Chad with Carlos through the hole, and though competing with Carlos must be daunting, he holds his own. Chad emerges once again to fuck Carlos without the challenge of the glory hole -- Carlos' to-die-for ass does some intense rippling around Chad's dick, with Chad giving him everything he's got. Scott returns to be man-in-the-middle, sucking Carlos while Chad fucks him. Chad is full of zest again on his new bottom, and Scott takes him quite admirably. Chad has a good spill on Scott's butt, then Carlos cums onto his stunning abs and Scott finishes last.
We move to Times Square, blocks away, where Diego Alvarez is the hunkiest cop New York's police force has seen in a while. Tall boyish Danny Hunter stops to ask him directions, but they end up at a glory hole (I've heard some still exist in Times Square ... I've HEARD) where Diego sucks Danny's huge curving wanker. Another fantastic blower, ripped Latino Diego with the strong square jaw, gulps at Danny, holding onto his balls for leverage. Diego is completely on fire here, drooling up a storm as he ravages Danny's dick. Aiming through a fun hole in a real police barricade, Diego feeds his cock to Danny, telling him "this is Times Square for you, baby!" Thin hairy Danny isn't quite the spitfire Diego was, but he does a spectacular job when Diego presents him with his ass to eat, making sure to take advantage of the piercing near the hole. Big Diego gets fucked by lanky Danny, the ring dancing teasingly under the stuffed hole. Though Danny has a somewhat awkward time mastering the rock-solid Diego, once he opens up the hole, he actually gives his partner quite a fuck. Diego finally undresses all of his muscles for a missionary-fuck, his veins popping out all over the place. Danny spices things up with some auto-fellatio and then just as they are about to blow their loads, another ass appears at the hole, so both take the opportunity to fuck it. Danny is understandably weary, but still in fine shape, though Diego's jackrabbit speed and bearish power trump him. Both tops cum on the mystery ass.
Marcelo finds his way to the gay-boy-hood, into a leather club in Chelsea. Tall shaved-headed Alex Leon (who bears a striking resemblance to porn star Jeff Palmer), in a harness, tosses his slave, goateed Mario Ortiz, into a room where three hard cocks are sticking out of a wall. Mario instantly takes to them, making sure to blow his master at times, and Alex soon enough joins him on his knees. The editing is pitch-perfect frenetic, jogging back and forth between the guys as they zip around the available cocks. If Mario has more opportunity to suck to the pubes, it's only because he has more camera time. After this cock-mad duo has had its fill, Ty Lattimore, a brown-skinned man with a leather hat and pierced nipples, comes to the front of the wall to take on the remaining cocks. He's another top-notch sucker, greedily sucking as much as he can before Rick Gonzales, a quiet scene-stealer with a tight body and a slight beard, shows up to trump him, wincing as he makes sure to deep-throat Ty over and over. The third dick belongs to Taylor Westin, a slim but muscular dark-skinned hottie, who gets his long cock serviced by Ty. Alex and Mario return for some round-robin work and then the exciting fucking begins. Taylor fucks Mario as the latter sucks Ty. Rick does sterling oral work on Alex. After a brief fuck, Alex cums right on Mario's mouth, some of it perhaps swallowed up. The camera pulls back to show that though Mario was very focused on getting a facial, his ass is busy welcoming Ty's dick. With the bottoms kissing, Alex fucks Rick and Ty continues on Mario. The graceful talented action is again very short before Rick wakes up the whole gang by fucking Mario within an inch of his life, turning in the best few moments of fucking of the scene and the flick. All of the guys drop their loads on Mario's face, with Alex delivering a zinger that zips beyond camera range.
Marcelo follows a "cowboy from Dallas" from the bushes in Central Park to a dimly-lit room with glory holes on opposite walls. The cowboy, blond Jared Scott, who sports an authentic Yankees tattoo on one shoulder, plops himself down on the floor and gets busy on the two face-less cocks. Jared works very hard sliding back and forth between the two, a little hungrier for the dark one to his right than the floppy white one on his left. Again, the editing is a big help here, keeping things apace and exciting. After Jared has had his fill of deep-throating the darker cock, he cums and leaves, ending the episode abruptly.
Marcelo finally has a personal episode, way down in Lower Manhattan. Sticking his dick through a gleefully funny Big Apple glory hole, he is sucked off by blond fave Scott Matthews, dressed up in a suit as a Wall Street type. As Scott pumps his own massive prong, he sucks aggressively on Marcelo's huge-headed uncut cock, which slips in and out of his wet mouth easily. Marcelo switches places with Scott, having now shed his clothing except for a tie, and proceeds to end the oral action with a whopping bang. He aims to best Carlos Morales in terms of deep-throating, though he has to stop for a breath every once in a while. After Marcelo has had his fill, he plugs Scott on a nearby couch. Marcelo works in a squirrelly fashion, working himself into Scott's hole, keeping up a good even pace, going in for depth above all. Things get even better when they switch to doggy, giving Marcelo a better angle for his dick, holding onto Scott by the tie. Marcelo then sits on Scott's face for a worshipping butt-munch before cumming on Scott's chest. Scott winds things up with a spastic cum-shot and Marcelo has his book completed, another city glory-holed winningly.
Bruno Riccelli has hit upon a winning formula with this series. In New York, he makes sure never to overdo the hole business, using it at the beginning of each vignette to set the anonymous mood, but allowing the models plenty of opportunity to show off their bodies and talents without the hindrance of the teasing wooden planks. The cast is absolutely first-rate, with Carlos Morales setting the bar very high in the first scene, and all the guys following working their hardest to equal what he does. With nary a trace of the attitude for which New Yorkers are (thankfully) famous for, these performers unselfishly give and give and give until the last dribbles of cum fly off their dicks. As usual, New York says "Take That!" to the rest of the country and now dares the other big cities to top it.
Also a few extras are included -- some behind-the-scenes business, complete with brief interviews, clips of the action and the allowance for Bruno's flirty personality to shine through (all of the models seem comfortable and eager to perform, Scott has the most hysterical blooper, falling off the couch while being fucked by Marcelo) as well as a cum-shot compilation of all the blasts.
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