AMG Classic - Armando Gonzales and Friends

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DescriptionAll the clips I have of this fellow, includes wrestling, spanking, solo and duo.  Files ending with c indicate there is a cumshot, and ae means Anal Erotic.

I have over 300 clips from AMG Classic totally about 24 gigs.  If there is enough interest, I will post more.  I should note that if you are a completionist this may not be for you as certain parts are missing, but if you just like collecting images and videos from this studio as i do, I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.


armando-gonzales-2-c.mp4 396.07 MB
armando-gonzales-dean-adams-02.mp4 303.79 MB
armando-gonzales-dean-adams-ae-spank.mp4 284.00 MB
armando-gonzales-dean-adams.mp4 272.56 MB
armando-gonzales.mp4 196.11 MB
armando-gonzales-1.mp4 161.53 MB
armando-gonzales-2.mp4 149.71 MB
armando-gonzales-brian-brewer-c.mp4 122.03 MB
armando-gonzales-johann-schilling.mp4 82.34 MB
armando-gonzales-dixon-crosby.mp4 78.09 MB
armando-gonzales-c.m4v 22.58 MB
armando-gonzales-alan-fagerson-ae.mp4 17.35 MB
armando-gonzales-dean-adams-02.jpg 43.16 kB
armando-gonzales-dean-adams.jpg 41.94 kB
armando-gonzales-dean-adams-ae-spank.jpg 40.75 kB
armando-gonzales-1.jpg 39.25 kB
armando-gonzales-2-c.jpg 36.95 kB
armando-gonzales-alan-fagerson-ae.jpg 35.67 kB
armando-gonzales.jpg 34.07 kB
armando-gonzales-brian-brewer-c.jpg 32.94 kB
armando-gonzales-dixon-crosby.jpg 32.37 kB
armando-gonzales-johann-schilling.jpg 30.92 kB
armando-gonzales-2.jpg 26.89 kB
armando-gonzales-c.jpg 12.69 kB
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